Dark Tales 2 episode 5 recap

At the court, Yun Luo’s servant told the official that ever since Chi Chiao left the hometown, Yun Luo got a heartache. On the 19th of September, she found her laying dead on the bed. The official said he has to investigate why her head is missing. The official asked the servant if Madam Chiao lookalike Yun Luo. He answered they look exactly the same. The official asked Chu Er Dan to explain why does his wife has the same face as Yun Luo. Madam Chiao said Yun Luo’s head was cut by the devil at the temple. Chu Er Dan said his wife looks ugly so he pleaded the devil to switch faces with a pretty female but the face is Yun Luo. The official doesn’t believe it. Chu Er Dan showed the official his black clothe. The official told Chu Er Dan he doesn’t need to blackmail him. The official bowed in front of the other official and said he had sex with the royal wife and got caught by Chu Er Dan. Chu Er Dan bowed in front of the official and asked him to think of he used to save him. The other official yelled at Chu Er Dan for using his name for his benefit. The official asked Chu Er Dan to ask the devil to come out. Chu Er Dan apologized and bowed and drink in front of the devil at the temple. Chu Er Dan got mad and scold the devil for revenging him. The official and the people watch Chu Er Dan throwing out the dish. The official said there’s no evidence of him switching Yun Luo’s head. He assumed he got infatuated by Yun Luo and killed his wife and chopped her head and uses medicine causing her to lose her mind. The official sentenced Chu Er Dan for execution. Madam Chiao said she is the mastermind of cutting Madam Chiao’s head. Chi Chiao asked Madam Chiang why does she want to die with him. Chu Er Dan told the official he found it unfair because he couldn’t move the body out of town so far in one day. The official gives Chu Er Dan three days to find Madam Chiao g and will behead him in front of the devil if he can’t find her.


In the cellar, Madam Chiang held Chu Er Dan’s hand and said if they die, they have to die together. Madam Chiao regrets of greed for beautiful face. Chu Er Dan blames himself of thinking she’s ugly. Chu Er Dan said the book said he will have kids with her. The other devils asked the devil to help Chu Er Dan since it isn’t time for him to die yet. Madam Chiao bribed the guards and met with the official. Madam Chiao deals with the official to sleep with him in exchange for her husband’s wife. The official refused and asked her to tell the truth. Madam Chiao bowed and wants to take all his crime. The official understand Madam Chiao’s feelings but murder is a huge crime. Madam Chiao returned to the cellar and cried she can’t help him. Chu Er Dan bowed and told the devil he is not a good person; he greed but these are not his wife’s fault. Madam Chiao is the best wife he has. The guard told Chu Er Dan he is his godson. Chu Er Dan bowed he doesn’t want his wife to die. The devil came.

The devil brought Chu Er Dan and his wife to the temple. The devil told Chu Er Dan and his wife there’s a way to solve this which is to switch Madam Chiao’s face back to her normal face. Madam Chiao told Chu Er Dan he has to switch his heart too since he will eventually leave her if she switch back to her ugly face. Chu Er Dan agrees. The devil switch back the heart to Chu Er Dan. A guard told the devil that he switched to a lower heart. The devil asked Chu Er Dan to find his wife’s head on the mountain. The devil turned Chu Er Dan to a tiny person. The devil told Chu Er Dan he has five hours to find his wife’s head. Chu Er Dan wondered how can he pass by the stream. Chu Er Dan saw a huge ant. The ant called Chu Er Dan his savior. The ants carried a big leaf. The ant gave Chu Er Dan a branch to travel on the stream. Chu Er Dan saw the big mountain and don’t know how to climb on it. A butterfly came and told Chu Er Dan he used to speak up for him. Chu Er Dan climbed on the butterfly. The butterfly flew on the mountain. A bird chased Chu Er Dan. He ran and fell. Chu Er Dan found his wife’s original head. The devil turned Chu Er Dan into his normal size and said he was testing him. Now he’s changed for the good he will help him free his guilt. Madam Chiang whined that her face lost one of the teeth. Madam Chiao told Chu Er Dan she will switch her face but he can’t make fun of her being ugly. Chu Er Dan said he won’t since he is more dumb. The devil said he was joking, he didn’t switch his heart to more dumb one but to his normal heart. Madam Chiao told her husband they can be back to when they used to be.



In the cellar, the guards freaking saw Chu Er Dan and his wife back to normal. At the court, Madam Chiao’s father reunite with his daughter. The official found his dream he has to be true. Yun Luo’s head is back to normal. The official said he begins to believe the devil is true. Chi Chiao’s friend said Chu Er Dan may be tricking them. Chi Chiao’s friend said if the flowers can bloom in the winter he will believe it. The colorful flowers bloomed. Chi Chiao’s friend said it is just a coincidence. The flowers bloomed on Chi Chiao’s head. Six years later, Chu Er Dan and his wife has a five years old son. They wonder why their son can’t talk at this age. Chu Er Dan and his wife and their son bowed in front of the devil. They asked their son to call the devil as their godfather. Their son called the devil their godfather and they were happy.



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