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K9 Cop episode 15 recap

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Kayi’s friend ate noodles and thought of her asking if he did drugs so he always hide. Bosco colleague gave Bahda some food but he doesn’t have the motivation to eat. A gangster told Kayi’s friend that his boat has been discovered and the triad is hiding and the cop had its drug splashed on his eyes. Kayi’s friend watches Kayi holding Bosco’s hand and cried. Kayi’s friend wants to replace his eyes for Bosco. He told the doctor that Bosco is pitiful raising his sisters. The doctor told Kayi’s friend only a relative can do surgery. Bosco took his fabric off and told Kayi’s friend he’s not blind. The doctor blindfold him afraid of contamination when he cleaned his eyes. Bosco took Kayi’s friend in the room and said he’s the suspect who survive the most and his friend. Bosco told Kayi’s friend he knows that he hate people who do drugs since his father got addicted to drugs. His father used Tracy to steal drugs for him and pushed her on the street to act pitiful and beat her so she cries. Bosco asked Kayi’s friend if he wants to confess and witness Risk.

Raymond wakes up and search for Tracy. Tracy told Raymond if she hasn’t heard for her brother that Risk is harming him, she wouldn’t be a mole for him. She saw her in the news standing on the top of the ceiling and screamed. Raymond told Tracy since she can’t be with another guy, then they should start over. Tracy asked Raymond if he thought if he isn’t with her, she won’t feel safe. Raymond told Tracy he won’t give her to anyone else since no one loves her more than him. Kayi drew her picture book.


Some people looked at Bahda. Bosco said he likes Bahda because he helped saving him. A girl gave a pink collar for Bahda. Bosco didn’t let her. She cried. Linda told the girl that Bahda is a male dog and she should do a superhero collar next time. Bahda ran and barked at a female dog. Bosco tried to pull Bahda back. Linda told bosco he can’t blame Bahda since sometimes we can’t control who we like. Bosco asked Bahda if Linda called him a male dog.

Someone reported to Bosco there’s a crazy naked man at the mall. The crazy man teased Bosco while standing in front of the escalator. Raymond chased the crazy man. The man stood in front of Bosco in the elevator. Bosco relased Bahda and bit him. Kayi’s friend served Bosco and Raymond at the hospital. Raymond told Bosco he hired him because he saved Tracy.


Kayi took her friend’s hand and said he doesn’t need to explain to Bosco. Kayi’s friend stayed and told Bosco to continue eating and stop wasting his serving. Oscar is lazy to study. Oscar told his wife that he can earn more by selling his tennis shoes. Kayi encouraged Oscar to study hard to pass his license test. A student told Angel that Oscar always sells him stuff. An employee left Oscar’s store since he couldn’t store all his shoes. Angel asked Oscar why did he hired him since he used to do marijuana.

Linda called Bosco that she’s in her mom’s room and what should she search. Bosco told Linda to read her mom’s diary and put it back on the same place. Linda said she has messed up while searching the room. Rebeca went home and asked Linda why did she search her room. Linda pretends to sleepwalk and asked Rebeca if she wasn’t meeting with her old schoolmate. Rebeca tried to wake Linda up. Linda told Rebecca she didn’t sleepwalk. She took a glass of water and just went to close the window afraid she will catch a cold. Rebeca watches State of Divinity 19884 and found Ren Ying Ying beautiful and said many people said she looks looks like her when she was young. Linda drinks tea and said she heard putting tea bags on her eyes will help her not to sleepwalk. Bosco’s colleague told Bosco she heard Madam uses iced green tea on her eyes. Bosco laughed and asked Rebeca who suggested her to put green tea on her eyes.


At the restaurant, Bosco ate the food very fast and afraid people will laugh at him eating with Raymond alone. Bosco and Raymond watches Linda chatting with his boss at the restaurant. Rebeca sat with Bosco and Raymond and said she matches Linda with his boss so she could forget Alfred faster. Rebeca pushed Bosco and Raymond’s heads down on their dishes. Bosco asked Rebeca if he thought his boss has a problem since he doesn’t have a girlfriend at this age.

Linda suggests Angel to name her baby Patricia. Angel told Linda that Bosco’s english name was Alfred. Bosco watches Linda packing her suitcase. Bosco told Linda he didn’t mean to use his english name. He wanted to pretend to be her ex boyfriend so she can patch up with her mother. She has a mother who cares for her. Linda told Bosco she packed her stuff because she remembered she promised her friend Albert to use her suitcase. Linda told Bosco ever since she jumped on him when she’s scared she wondered why did she do that. Linda told Bosco that when she held on to his boss’s hand she didn’t had any feelings on him. Linda did an anology of a male dog would smell a female dog. Linda asked Bosco to kiss her to test her reaction.


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