Rural Hero episode 10 recap

Jackie and his friend raced on the bike. Jackie’s friend feels guilty of stealing his girlfriend. Jackie told his friend love can’t be forced and he is satisfied Poon is with him. Jackie drank and accidentally dropped his photo with Poon. Jackie told his grandma that he worked too much and neglected Poon. Jackie told his grandma that his friend and Poon matches either other, he can take care of her and they both likes to cook. Jackie’s grandma said she doesn’t know when he will get married.

Jessica showed Poon’s sister a photoshop photo of a criminal and a baby. A gangster picked up a magazine and looked at his photoshop image of plastic surgery. The gang member laughed at the gangster’s face. The gang deals with a member to share the money from 8 to 2. The member wanted to share 7 to 3 but the gang grabbed him and asked him if he wants him to kill him. Jessica’s father looked at the magazine and told Roger and Jessica whoever write this article is stupid offending the big triad.


The triad robbed Jessica’s company. Two members ran into the car and left behind their third member. The third member pointed a gun at Jessica in the elevator. The gangster pointed a gun at Jessica outside the building. Jackie’s friend came. The triad asked the cops to handcuff Jackie’s friend. Jackie’s friend drops the quarter. The cop shot at the gangster. The two gangsters saw their their third member died.

Jessica wakes up in the hospital and told Poon she still feels scared. Roger visited Jessica. Jessica’s father yelled at Jessica for working at the journalist firm without telling him. Poon and Jackie’s friend told Poon’s sister that Jessica’s father do care for Jessica which is why he yelled at her and visited her at the hospital. Poon’s sister laughed that they think alike. The gang followed Jackie’s friend. Poon cooked diner for Jackie’s friend. a character shot on the tv show and Poon got freaked out. Jackie’s friend puts the band-aid for Poon. Poon told Jackie’s friend she was really scared seeing the triad pointed a gun at him. She asked him not to leave her. Jackie’s friend asked Poon to marry him. Jackie’s friend called Jackie and said they will get married soon. Jackie asked Poon to let him be the groom’s men.

The people told Jessica they saw her on the news last night. Jessica’s father yelled at Jessica. Jessica told her father he won’t agree with whatever she does. Jessica’s father told her she’s dumb. Jessica said she doesn’t want to work has a store clerk everyday. Jessica left and told Roger she knows her father prefer men over women. The ladyboss told Jessica that her father cares for her. Jessica wants to stay in the ladyboss room. The ladyboss let her stay for two days. Jessica went out and patted a dog and saw some organs and threw up. Jackie told Jessica he used to throw up seeing some dead bodies but got used to it. Jackie suggests Jessica to either avoid it or watch it several times until she get used to it.


The gangster angrily shot the member and threw some money. The gangster heard Poon’s sister asked Jackie’s friend if Jackie will come to his wedding. Jessica’s mother told Jessica’s father there were rumors of him kicking Jessica out of his house. Jessica lost the lady’s boss key. Jessica’s father asked Jessica if she didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in the room. Jessica’s father told Jessica she would feel more comfortable writing in her room. Jackie returned home and saw his father. Jackie’s father asked Jackie if he has a girlfriend. Jackie asked his father if he thought of finding a wife. Jackie asked his father about his mother. Jackie’s grandmother told Jackie only his father and his mother know what happened between them.



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