Perspective always changes

It’s pretty cool how our view always changed as we grow more and more into our lives. Here’s my rambling thoughts.

When someone bash you, you tend to feel down but don’t take it personally. I used to be bashed for not reading wuxia novels but I liked Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 the series. But everyone got different opinions. Some wuxia fans said though they read the novel but they still loved Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000. I used to feel down when some fans bashed me for not being chinese but still watch tvb series. I’m vietnamese by the way. But as time passed by, I feel those views doesn’t matter. I’m an American Asian and that’s my identity. Little things like “You’re not chinese” or “You haven’t read the wuxia novels” doesn’t matter. Why fuss over small things when we have bigger things to worry about in life? I used to wonder how it is to be a drama blogger. Now that I’m a drama blogger, I just feel that it’s just a hobby nothing that special. I’m an American Asian and Asian Dramas and Asian Pop aren’t well known in America that’s why I don’t fully dedicate full time in drama blogging cause I only see it as a hobby. It doesn’t matter if we watch more dramas than others or not, it doesn’t mean anything. Just enjoy the drama and relax.

I gotta admit that my knowledge about asian culture is not high but I grew up watching hk dramas and wuxia.

When someone bash your favorite dramas, you shouldn’t take it too personal and waste time venting too much over it. There’s always more important and happier things to think about or do. Is it worth to be upset over little things?

I don’t really feel watching asian dramas helps me escape from reality. I feel music helps me more with that. For dramas, it depends on which dramas and how good and fun it is to watch.

❤ Jac.


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