Rural Hero episode 11 recap

The two gang members watches Jackie talking to his friend and Poon during their wedding. The two gang members followed Jackie. Jackie saw a car following him. Jackie changed his path of driving home. Poon told her sister she is very happy today. The two gangters beat up Poon’s sister at the parking lot. The two gang members pointed a gun at Jackie’s friend and asked him where is is Jackie. Poon’s sister saw the two gang member beating Jackie’s friend. She ran and got shot by the gang member. Jackie’s friend ran and got shot by the gang member by the knee. Jackie told his father that on his way home, he was being followed. Jackie received a call from the hospital. Poon cried and told Jackie she saw her husband and her sister on the parking lot. Poon hugged Jackie and cried and said her husband has died and her sister is in the emergency room. Poon asked Jackie how is her sister. Jackie told Poon that her sister is fine but she may lose her brain cells.


Jackie told Jessica he has a feeling that the robber’s target is him. The gang got pissed that Poon’s sister didn’t die. Poon, Jackie, and Jessica did a funeral for Jackie’s friend.

At the hospital, Jessica showed Poon’s sister her camera and asked her if she remembered they were journalist and she loved taking photos. Jackie complimented Jessica hardworking working as a journalist and taking care of Poon’s sister. The ladyboss gave Jackie a suggestion of moving Poon’s sister to her hometown. Fiona’s mother blinked her eyes and felt something bad is going to happen. Fiona told her mother that her new job is even worse than her last job so she quit. Fiona asked Poon if Jackie talked about her. Poon told Fiona that Jackie did tell about her faking to have an advertising job but she won’t bug in other’s business.

Roger’s brother smoked weeds and asked Roger’s friend to smoke it. Roger’s friend smoke weeds. Roger’s brother asked Roger’s friend to pay for his weeds. Roger’s friend refused to pay. Roger’s brother beat up Roger’s friend. Roger prevented them. Roger’s friend told Roger that his brother said he ate without payinG. Roger’s brother and his friend beat up Roger’s friend on the street and got caught by the police.


Fiona’s sister argued with Poon about egotism and egoism has the same meaning. Poon quit her job to take care of her sister. Roger gave Jessica a pack of fifty thousand dollars for her to keep it for her. Roger asked Jackie to take care of his sister and introduced her a boyfriend. Roger and his friend went in the boat during the night. Roger told his friend he misses Jessica. The cops asked the boat to stop. Roger and his friend jumped on the beach and the bag of money dropped on the beach. Roger’s friend grieved about losing millions of dollars. Jessica told Poon’s sister that the magazine writer promised to give her an autograph of her idol Cindy kep an extra doll for her. Fiona’s father told Fiona that she only ate with them two times. Fiona’s father said Fiona is busy at her advertising firm. Fiona’s mother asked Fiona about her boyfriend and she has to pick a stable one.



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