Dark Tales 2 episode 7 recap

Kan Yu told Ah Ying he has never met her. The first time he met her was in the stream. Ah Ying said fifteen years ago, she’s been injured by a demon and there was rainstorm. Kan Yu played with the parrot. Kan Yu found out that Ah Ying was his parrot. Kan Yu promised Ah Ying he will marry her. During that time, she was manipulated by the spell of the demon. Ah Ying told Prince Ying she has to marry Kan Yu. Ah Ying told Prince Ying Kan Yu has broken the spell for her. Prince Ying said this is just a kid’s promise. Heaven and the Earth is different. Kan Yu said he has to keep his promise. Kan Yu is willing to take the dead sentence but he will always love Ah Ying. Prince Ying gives Kan Yu a task of filling the well with the water. After he finishes filling the water, he can marry Ah Ying. Chi Niao told Ah Ying that Kan Yu may not truly love her. Kan Yu fainted. Ah Ying told Kan Yu that they are not fated to be together and he should leave. She is willing to marry Prince Ying. Chi Niao told Kan Yu that Prince Ying will wash out his memory and he will live normally on the earth. Kan Yu asked Ah Ying if she can forget her promise fifteen years ago. He as to marry her. He will not regret sacrificing his life to fill the water. Ah Ying bowed in front of Prince Ying that she can’t marry him. If he sentences Kan Yu death, she will die along with him.


Prince Ying took Kan Yu and Ah Ying to the death hole. Kan Yu jumped down the black hole. Ah Ying jumped alone. A hawk, Prince Ying picked them up. Prince Ying told Ah Ying and Kan Yu they have passed their love test. Kan Yu vowed to love Ah Ying eternally and keep her promise of the cave. Ah Ying uses her power to take out her pearl and be a normal girl. Chi Niao asked Ah Ying to keep the pearl carefully or else the demon will steal it. Prince Ying and the fairies confirmed Ah Ying and Kan Yu’s marriage. Ah Ying and Chi Niao and the girls danced. The fairies bid farewell to Ah Ying and Kan Yu. Kan Yu asked Ah Ying to called him as her husband.

Kan Yu took Ah Ying to his house. Kan Yu saw his tablet. The villagers surrounded Kan Yu and said his soul is here. Kan Yu asked the villagers to not believe his hunter friend. The hunter becomes the constable and told the villagers to arrest this demon. Kan Yu said if he didn’t help him then the tiger would have eaten him. Ah Ying said Kan Yu isn’t a demon since he has his shadows. A villagers called Kan Yu a coward. Kan Yu called the hunter a coward. Kan Yu said the hunter almost got bitten by the tiger. He climbed on the tree and let him fight with the tiger. Then the hunter was afraid Kan Yu would tell out so he stab him Luckily, a pack of birds saved him. He fell down the mountain but some fairies saved him. The hunter asked Ah Ying if she was the fairy he was talking about. The hunter laughed at Kan Yu for make up a tale and married a girl with unknown identity. The hunter said he’s a victim, Kan Yu was trying to stab him then fell down the hill. The hunter told Kan Yu he wanted to retrieved his house from the elder lady and take his merit back. The elder lady gave Kan Yu a bag of rice.


Ah Ying cooked and broke her boiling pot and the fire occurs and burned the house. Ah Ying cried that she’s useless. Kan Yu showed Ah Ying his chicken. Ah Ying threw up and said she has never eaten meat. Ah Ying feels hungry while sleeping. She wants corn. Kan Yu stole some corns and accidentally stepped on the block alerting the villagers. The villagers beat up Kan Yu. Ah Ying tries to figure out a way to find money to find a doctor for Kan Yu. Ah Ying went to her house and saw Chi Niao. Chi Niao set up the house for her. Ah Ying thanked Chi Niao but she wants to suffer with Kan Yu. Chi Niao transformed it back to the wrecked house. The doctor demanded Ah Ying to pay for the medicine. Chi Niao stole the silver from the doctor and gave the doctor his silver. The doctor realized he lost his silver and asked Chi Niao if she stole her silver. Chi Niao asked what trademark does the silver has. Chi Niao gave Ah Ying a gold. Ah Ying asked Chi Niao to take it back. Rouge dances and ate with the hunter. Kan Yu stared at Rouge. The hunter asked Rouge to tell Kan Yu to come up and sell the fruit to them. The hunter laughed at Kan Yu is a good liar. Chi Niao served tea for Rouge and brought a wildcat. The hunter stared at the wildcat and got scared and climbed on the pole and asked Kan Yu to save him. The hunter apologized for stabbing him and begged the wildcat to spare him. The official removed the post from the hunter. Kan Yu gave the hunter his tiger fur.



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