Dark Tales 2 episode 8 recap

Kan Yu becomes the constable. The constable sent his servant to return the handkerchief to Rouge. Rouge got mad. The official sent Kan Yu an invite to his anniversary. Another official sent him an invitation to meet with him. Ah Ying told her maid they don’t need to serve her. She knows they help each other out. Ah Ying asked her maid how she can be a good wife. The maid told Ah Ying wives listen to her husband. Ah Ying hopes she can wash clothes and cook for her husband. The maid said she also needs to sew embroidery. Ah Ying registered for a sewing class. In the class she tried to inserted the string through the needle. A girl told her mother that Ah Ying is so dumb dont’ know how to insert the string into the needle. Ah Ying prepared clothes for Kan Yu but forgot to buy presents.

Kan Yu greets the official and apologized for being too busy and forgot buying him gifts. During diner, Ah Ying looked at the food and ran and threw up. Kan Yu apologized to the official and left. The official got mad. Ah Ying told Kan Yu that they have cooked her bird species. Ah Ying apologized to Kan Yu that she has embarrassed him. She has tried to learn to be a human. Ah Ying showed Kan Yu her embroidery. Ah Ying told Kan Yu she will attend the party when she gets used to meat.


Kan Yu watches Rouge playing the harp. Rouge asked Kan Yu to drink with him. Rouge asked Kan Yu if he feels guilty or he doesn’t dare to. Rouge drinks with Kan Yu. Kan Yu thanks for her drink and left. Kan Yu’s guard told Kan Yu that Ah Ying made friends with his daughter in the sewing class. Kan Yu told his guard he doesn’t need to mention it. The official introduced a Prince Wen Hsien to Kan Yu. Ah Ying practices slicing the meat and threw up. Kan Yu’s guard saw Ah Ying praciticing slicing the ham. Kan Yu apologized to Wen Hsien he’s busy so if he doesn’t mind his guard will lead him today. Kan Yu meets Rouge. Wen Hsien passed by Kan Yu on his road and asked Kan Yu if he was busy. Kan Yu said he visited Wen Sien after finishing his task. Wen Hsien greets Rouge. The guard teased Kan Yu of skipping work to met with Rouge. The guard told Kan Yu that his wife doesn’t know how to be a wife so it is normal for him to meet Rouge.

Ah Ying cooked fish and chicken for Kan Yu. Kan Yu promised he won’t make a mistake for her. Kan Yu brought a new harp for Ah Ying. If she knows how to play the harp, she will forget what happened. Rouge got mad that Kan Yu didn’t come. Rouge isn’t satisfied of not receiving affection from Kan Yu. The maid told Rouge she’s worried if she keeps on focusing on Kan Yu, she wil lose Wen Hsien. Rouge said Wen Hsien would love her more if he wait for her. After he plays with Kan Yu, he will seduce Wen Hsien.


Ah Ying played the harp for Kan Yu. Ah Ying practiced playing the harp but couldn’t do it. Kan Yu told Ah Ying, she can’t play the same tune. Ah Ying said she will change to her normal outfit and play her flute. Rouge played the harp. Kan Yu ran and meet with her. Rouge hugged Kan Yu.

Ah Ying sits and generate energy for the pearl and put it back in the box. Chi Niao came and asked Ah Ying if Kan Yu is good to her. Ah Ying told Chi Niao Kan Yu is good to her and went home early and bought her new clothes. Chi Niao said hearing this makes her mad, and can’t believe Kan Yu forgot his promise and changed his heart. She heard from other fairies that Kan Yu is infatuated with Rouge. Chi Niao worried that Kan Yu is here with her but his heart doesn’t belong to her. Chi Niao showed the mirror of Kan Yu hanging out with Rouge. Rouge told Kan Yu many guys fell for her but no one is as honest as him. Chi Niao asked Ah Ying if she remembered her promise of if Kan Yu betrayed her, she will kill him. Ah Ying said Rouge is pityful and perhaps Kan Yu feels sorry for her. Kan Yu told Rouge if she doesn’t mind, he can be her brother. Chi Niao told Ah Ying that love isn’t as simple. Ah Ying believes that Kan Yu and Rouge are innocent. Chi Niao told Ah Ying she will make sure that Rouge and Kan Yu won’t fall in love.


Chi Niao wrote a letter from Wen Hsien and put it on Rouge’s desk under Kan Yu’s name. Chi Niao sent a letter to Wen Hsien under Rouge’s handkerchief. Wen Hsien has another task and asked Kan Yu to meet with Rouge for him. Chi Niao’s friend put some spell on the roses. Rouge passed by the roses and laid on the bed. Chi Niao saw Kan Yu touched the roses and she wants to prevent him. Chi Niao’s friend pushed Chi Niao and said to go with god’s fate. Rouge felt so hot and saw Kan Yu.



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