Dark Tales 2 episode 9 recap

Kan Yu got seduced by Rouge while Chi Niao fought with her friend. Chi Niao’s friend told Chi Niao to look at the roses. Kan Yu and Rouge already made out. Chi Niao wondered if it is god’s will. Chi Niao blames herself. Chi Niao returned home and told Ah Ying about her set up of the roses and unfortunately Kan Yu went on the bed. Ah Ying said if Kan Yu doesn’t have Rouge in his heart, he won’t fall for Rouge. Ah Ying asked Ah Ying to not bug in her business with Kan Yu. Kan Yu wakes up and sees Rouge on the bed. Kan Yu said he doesn’t know what happened last night. Kan Yu told Rouge though he was drowsy last night, he truly loves her. Rouge told Kan Yu he won’t believe her. Kan Yu gave Rouge his fortune paper that her mother gave him.


Kan Yu returned home and told Ah Ying she doesn’t need to wait for him to come home to eat. He was busy. Ah Ying asked Kan Yu what was his task that was so important. Kan Yu asked Ah Ying if she doesn’t trust him. Ah Ying told Kan Yu he hopes he would be honest since they are married. Kan Yu said nothing happened. She just suspect too much. Ah Ying asked Kan Yu if he doesn’t love her anymore. They’ve been suffering too much together. Kan Yu told Ah Ying he didn’t tell her because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He meets a lot of people and can’t tell her. She just needs to be a good wife.

Ah Ying meets with Rouge .Rouge told Ah Ying she is gorgeous which is why she has fail to gain Kan Yu’s attention. Rouge told Ah Ying to not use those tears to make her feel pity for her. Ah Ying begs Rouge to leave Kan Yu. Ah Ying told Rouge that Kan Yu promised to only love her. Rouge laughed and said Kan Yu said he always dreamed to sleep with her and won’t leave her. Ah Ying said Kan Yu only temporarily love her for the time being. Rouge showed Ah Ying the fortune paper that Kan Yu gave her. Ah Ying said Kan Yu made a vowed that he will only love her. Rouge told Ah Ying that she doesn’t understand men. If men keep their promise, then the sun will rise from the west. Rouge took Ah Ying to the brothel to see how dirty men can be. A man told Rouge he loves her and vowed to leave his wife. The man’s wife came and pinched his hear and said he promised he will always love her. Rouge told Ah Ying there are many guys who promised her. Kan Yu is only one of those men. Ah Ying asked Rouge if she will not leave Kan Yu. Rouge told Ah Ying she needs to have the power to keep her husband. She can only blames herself if she loses her husband. Rouge played the harp and asked Kan Yu to leave since Ah Ying criticized her and called her a slut. Kan Yu told Rouge it doesn’t matter as long as he understands her. Ah Ying watches Kan Yu making out with Rouge and she cried and left in the rain.


Ah Ying has a fever and asked Kan Yu not to leave her. Rouge threw the teapot and got mad that Kan Yu did not come in a few days. Rouge said if this woman wins against her, she will lose her face. Chi Niao came and asked Ah Ying if Kan Yu made a mistake with her. Rouge’s maid came and told Ah Ying that Rouge invited Kan Yu to the brothel. Chi Niao yelled at the maid. Ah Ying told Chi Niao that she believes Kan Yu will come back to her. Chi Niao came to Rouge’s room and called her a slut. Rouge asked the servants to fight with Chi Niao. Chi Niao uses her power against the servants. Chi Niao slapped Rouge twice and warned her not to bother Kan Yu and ruin the relationship between him and his wife. Rouge pretends to be ill and told Jackie that she is ill fated. Rouge’s maid told Kan Yu that there’s a girl who called Rouge a slut and she slapped her and warned her not to meet him or she’ll kill her. Rouge said she rather die than not seeing him again. Kan Yu dropped the sword and hugged Rouge. Chi Niao picked up Ah Ying. Ah Ying received a letter from Kan Yu to evaluate herself. Chi Niao held the pearl and told Ah Ying if she dies, then she will kill Kan Yu. Ah Ying asked Chi Niao not to kill Kan Yu. She smelled the pearl.

Rouge held a big pearl necklace and asked Kan Yu she wants this necklace. The store owner is willing to reduce the price of the pearl necklace for Kan Yu. Kan Yu deals with the store owner to make an installment payment for the necklace in five months but the store owner refused. Rouge left. The store owner told Kan Yu if he wants to court girls, fifty thousand taels is only a small amount. Kan Yu saw Wen Hsien leaving the sedan chair and staring at Rouge. The prostitues called Kan Yu a poor man whom still follow Rouge. Kan Yu gave Rouge the pearl necklace. Rouge said she only likes the big pearl necklace. Kan Yu told Rouge that the big pearl necklace isn’t worthy for Wen Hsien. Rouge told Kan Yu that borrowing money everyday is not good. Rouge told Kan Yu to give the small necklace to Ah Ying. Kan Yu promised Rouge he will give her a bigger necklace than Wen Hsien.


The demon sneaks in Ah Ying’s room searching for the pearl. Kan Yu gambled at the gambling house and lost money. Kan Yu drinks and said he lost everything. The priest told Kan Yu to sell his special treasure then he will give him cheque. The priest showed Kan Yu the pearl in his house. Ah Ying generates energy with her pearl. Kan Yu looked at Ah Ying suspiciously. Kan Yu gave Ah Ying a pearl and asked her about the green light. Ah Ying said it is a pearl to lighten her garden. Kan Yu told Ah Ying as long as he has the money, he will give her a good life. Ah Ying drank and fainted. Kan Yu searched for the pearl and found it. Chi Niao looked after Ah Ying Ah Ying ache her heart and doubt Kan Yu took it. Kan Yu gave the priest the pearl in exchange for money. The priest transformed to his normal self the demon and left. Chi Niao tied up Kan Yu with the fabric and said the pearl is Ah Ying’s life. Ah Ying didn’t want him to worry so she didn’t tell him. Chi Niao showed Kan Yu about Ah Ying aching. Kan Yu told Chi Niao the demon has the pearl. Chi Niao said she must taken back the pearl.



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