Dark Tales 2 episode 10 recap

Chi Niao fought with the demon while he generates the pearl. Kan Yu came. The demon absorbed the pearl and increased his power. Chi Niao told Kan Yu to checked up on Ah Ying to the last time. The demon injured Chi Niao and froze Kan Yu and blamed him for ruining his spelled and freeing Ah Ying. Prince Ying came and fought with the demon and asked him to spit out his pearl. Chi Niao generates her pearl and threw the pearl to Prince Ying. The demon punched Chi Niao. Prince Ying swallowed the pearl and increased the power and killed the demon. Chi Niao asked Prince Ying why does he still save Kan Yu. Chi Niao told Kan Yu she and Ah Ying were in this state because of him. Prince Ying said if Ah Ying chose this path then let her. Prince Ying gave the pearl to Kan Yu and asked him to choose if he wants to use it to exchange for wealth or save Ah Ying. Chi Niao requested Prince Ying to let her see Ah Ying one last time before she dies. Kan Yu brought the pear lto Ah Ying. Kan Yu gave the box of pearl to Ah Ying to keep it. Ah Ying said she is happy that he still thinks about her. Chi Niao told Ah Ying they are parrots and will never understand human heart.


Chi Niao asked Ah Ying to forget her love with Kan Yu. Ah Ying said Kan Yu still have feelings for her since he gave her the pearl. Chi Niao asked Kan Yu to not hurt Ah Ying again. Ah Ying put flowers on the river. Kan Yu told Ah Ying he will keep his promise and stay by her. Ah Ying told Kan Yu she drove the maids away so they can save money to pay their debt. Kan Yu sliced his hand and told Ah Ying he wants to remember that she is his wife and forget Rouge. Ah Ying hugged Kan Yu and cried. Ah Ying cooked for Kan Yu. Kan Yu hugged the harp. Ah Ying asked Kan Yu if he wants her to play for him. Kan Yu said she doesn’t understand the music so she can’t play. Kan Yu threw the harp.

Kan Yu watches Rouge playing the harp for Wen Hsien. Rouge sat on Wen Hsien’s lap and drank with him. Wen Hsien asked Kan Yu to drink with them. Kan Yu said he already enjoyed being with Rouge. Wen Hsien asked Kan Yu if he knows why Rouge left him. Kan Yu said it is normal for Rouge to fall for him. Wen Hsien asked Kan Yu’s hunter friend to fight with him. Wen Hsien asked Kan Yu to drink the wine. Rouge asked Kan Yu to leave. Kan Yu left. Wen Hsien and the hunter friend laughed. Kan Yu drank and asked the servant to bring more wine. Ah Ying sewed the jacket for Kan Yu. Kan Yu came in the brothel and hugged Rouge. Rouge told Kan Yu he hasn’t’ come recently. Kan Yu said he owes Ah Ying but he only loves Rouge. Kan Yu asked Rouge if Wen Hsien has used his power to lure her. Kan Yu asked Rouge why is she so cold hearted. Rouge said if he didn’t have a wife and Wen Hsien isn’t a wife. Kan Yu said he won’t let Wen Hsien bully her. Wen Hsien clapped. Rouge told Wen Hsien that Kan Yu is willing to die for her. Kan Yu asked Wen Hsien to let Rouge go. Wen Hsien aid Rouge has just been acting. Wen Hsien kisses Rouge. Kan Yu tried to punch Wen Hsien. The hunter and his servants fought with Kan Yu. They threw Kan Yu out of the brothel. Ah Ying checked up on Kan Yu. Wen Hsien told Ah Ying that Kan Yu barged in and tried to punch him so he beat him up for self defense. Rouge said she can give her some money to buy a tomb for Kan Yu.


Ah Ying brought Kan Yu to the doctor. Ah Ying begged the doctor to heal Kan Yu. Ah Ying pulled Kan Yu to the stream to heal him. Ah Ying broke the ice and bled her hand and put some ice on Kan Yu. A bird turned the season into spring. Kan Yu wakes up and hugged Ah Ying. Kan Yu told Ah Ying their love has faded. He appreciates her love and should keep his promise but he can’t do it. Kan Yu told Ah Ying he isn’t meant to be with her. He tried to forget Rouge but he can’t. Ah Ying begged Ah Ying to let him be with Rouge. Ah Ying cried and asked him to go to Rouge. Ah Ying begged God to let Kan Yu change his mind.


Kan Yu told Rouge he left his wife. Rouge laughed and didn’t believe it. Rouge told Kan Yu he only loves Ah Ying then changed his heart to her. She then changed her heart to Wen Hsien. Once they get tired of each other, they will date other people. Rouge asked Kan Yu to return to his wife. Kan Yu said Ah Ying isn’t his official wife and is a parrot. Rouge fainted. Prince Ying and Ah Ying came. Prince Ying told Kan Yu he didn’t keep his promise and also exposed her identity. Prince Ying asked Ah Ying to kill Kan Yu then she can become a fairy again or she will lose all her power. Ah Ying pointed a sword at Kan Yu. Kan Yu closes his eyes and asked her to kill him. Ah Ying dropped her sword and became a parrot. An elder lady gave Kan Yu the jacket that Ah Ying sewed for him. Kan Yu realizes the person who cares for him the most is Ah Ying but he has hurt her. Kan Yu hiked on the mountain while wearing Ah Ying’s jacket.

Keeping a promise is harder than going to heaven.



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