Smart Kid episode 15 recap

The principal told the teachers that the scholar’s father invested in their school so they can’t fire him. Dicky saw the classroom being a mess and told the teachers that they have to spend money buying new desks. Dicky called the scholar dumb for messing the room. Dicky told the scholar if he wasn’t his student, he would have beaten him up. The scholar told Dicky he was never his teacher. Dicky told the scholar he is even lower than Da Guan. Dicky asked the scholar some problems. The scholar laughed that he answered all his riddles and problems. Dicky asked the scholar why doesn’t he use his intelligence to study to be an official. The scholar said everyone chooses their own path since they were born but they can’t choose whether it is good or bad. The scholar turned down the desk. Dicky said who is worst than this teacher. The principal greets the official. The scholar greets the official. The official praised the scholar as smart. The scholar puts down the official as low ranked. Li Bing Bing watches the official flirting with the ladies and kicking the poor people who begged him money. The scholar’s horse carriage have bumped and injured the official. Li Bing Bing took him and ran.

The teacher asked the scholar what he should do. The scholar said he should fire him. Li Bing Bing told Dicky to help the scholar. Dicky asked the scholar why must he let his ego down and didn’t say it was an accident. The scholar told Dicky he only cares for him because of the money. Dicky challenges the scholar for a martial art fight. Dicky pulled the scholar and said Da Guan went down but he still worked hard to stand back up. The scholar said he doesn’t know what his dream is. He was born in a rich family and it is not easy for him to be a magistrate. Even if he tries or don’t try, his fate is still the same. Dicky asked the other scholar what would he do if he were the scholar. The monk told Dicky he can walk right or left. Dicky said there’s only one path but he has to choose how would he walk. Li Bing Bing ate with the scholar and asked him if he regrets leaving.


The scholar wrote on the board making fun of the library. He accidentally bumped into the candles causing fire in the classroom. The scholar fell under the table and asked Dicky to save him. Dicky asked the scholar why would he save him. He thought he doesn’t care about this world. The scholar told Dicky he doesn’t want to die. Dicky piggyback the scholar. The monk kicked the wood on fire. Dicky asked the scholar what did the think about when he was on the fire. The scholar said he thought about his family and friends. Dicky asked the scholar why do people work hard why he is bored of life. He thought his path was always planned out for him but he must choose every path. Dicky said he also has his way. People don’t have fate and no one can choose his path for him. Da Guan chose his path. Dick threw a pear to the scholar and asked him to eat.

The teacher said the account book and the painting has been burnt. The music teacher said materials are only minor things as long as the people are fine. The teacher wants to kick out the scholar. The scholar came up to the teacher and begged him to give him one more chance. He will work hard to pass the exam and be a good official. The teacher told the scholar it is too late and the the fire caused many rooms to be burnt. The scholars offer to help the scholar rebuild the library. The monk bumped into the official and pretends to break his leg. Dicky called everybody to look and asked the official to repay him money. Dicky told the official he must tell the judge at the court he went to the brothel. The official begged Dicky to let go. The scholar told Dicky though he’s worth to to be despite but he still thank him.


The prince Shen Xiao Hai came to town. Dicky and the scholars play ball together. The teacher asked Dicky what kind of lesson is he teaching and don’t disturb other scholars studying. Dicky and the scholars play ball until they beat their record. Nie Yuan wrote a letter to Feng Jie hopefully she lives peacefully. During the night it is very calm. Feng Jie wrote to Nie Yuan that durign the night, it is calm and relaxing. Too bad they can’t watch the moon every night. Today her brother dropped the dishes causing the customers to be mad. Nie Yuan told Feng Jie to tell all her anxiety to the water in the well. He always yelled all his anxiety to the well. Feng Jie screamed at the well and feels close to him for sharing his anxiety with her. Dicky and the scholars rebuild the library. A scholar got accused by the people for stealing money. Shen Xiao Hai came. The scholar told Shen Xiao Hai there was a beggar begging money from a candle scent seller. Then a man fell down. Many people came and looked at him. The seller lost his money. He saw the money and picked it up and mistaken for being a thief. Shen Xiao Hai said everyone here is a suspect. Shen Hao Xiao held a bag and said he puts a precious rock in it and whoever stole it, the rock will tell.



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