K9 Cop episode 16 recap

Bosco patted his dog and said Raymond has low IQ and make jokes. Raymond told Bosco he was mad at him hiring Kayi’s friend and gave Bahda fifteen cups of water. Bosco took Bahda to smell drugs. Bosco and Raymond reached the apartment and handcuff the victim’s husband. His daughter cried and asked her father to return the baby to her. Bosco told his boss he thinks Bahda has psychological problem. Bahda fears height and wouldn’t walk upstairs but would walk downstairs. Bosco’s boss told Bosco to take Bahda to Linda.

Oscar looked at his shoes and asked Kayi and Angel why do they put stamps on his shoes. A staff asked Kayi’s friend to fix the toilet. Kayi heard the conversation of the staff told Kayi’s friend asked not to yawn and caused him to lose his face. The staff said his friend is a gangster. Kayi’s friend asked the staff if he finds his face familiar. The staff told Kayi’s friend he doesn’t remember him. Kayi told her friend he has changed. Back then he wouldn’t hang on when he was being bullied. Kayi’s friend told her that if he gets promoted, he can put the staff down. Kayi helped her friend cleaned the toilet. Kayi screamed for cockroach. Kayi’s friend hit the cockroaches on Kayi’s shirt. Bosco came in the storage to put in the boxes and saw Kayi’s friend who is naked put his hands on Kayi who is wearing a tanktop. Bosco beat up Kayi’s friend for touching his sister. A guy held on to Bosco and asked Kayi’s friend to leave.


Tracy wears Raymond’s shirt. Raymond kisses Tracy. On the bed, Raymond fear having an illusion seeing shirt with blood. Tracy told Raymond they still have time before they have a baby. Raymond’s mother showed Tracy some of her photos of eating food. Tracy told Raymond’s mother she wanted her to give birth to a healthy baby. Raymond’s mother gave Tracy some document of money reward if she give birth to a healthy baby. Tracy cooked food for Raymond and asked him to eat. Tracy followed Raymond to the bathroom. Raymond looked at Tracy’s mermaid picture and whined. Tracy tries to handcuff Raymond while he sleeps. Raymond grabbed her. Raymond told Tracy she is like an intruder.Tracy said she has to give birth to the baby. Kayi cried and whined to Tracy and Raymond that Bosco interrogate her like a criminal. Raymond lets Kayi stay in his house.


Raymond’s boss asked Rebeca what does Linda thinks of him. Rebeca said Linda has the same opinion as her. Rebeca looked at the photo and thought of her begging her father to tell her where’s her baby. She found the baby in the trash and cried. Linda followed her mother. While Bosco takes a bath for Bahda, Linda called him. Linda watches her mother talking to a professor. Linda told the professor she is the daughter of Rebeca. The professor told Linda that he has a happy family and he asked her to not bother him again.


Linda dig into her mother’s box and found out that she is the illegitimate daughter of the professor and her mother. Bosco received ten voicemails from Linda. Bosco searched for Linda while listening to the voicemails crying that she is an illegitimate daughter. Linda watch Bosco with her binocular. Bosco watches Linda and kisses her on the street. While Bosco and Linda is at the karaoke bar, Rebeca called Bosco if he saw Linda. Rebeca believes Bosco is flirting with a girl, and she puts down her phone. Bosco asked Linda if she wants to stay in his house for the night. Linda told Bosco she used to fall for her teacher when she was sixteen years old and cut her dress shorter. Her mom yelled at her and sewed a long uniform for her. Linda said her mother had an affair with a professor. Bosco listens to Linda nagging about her mother. Bosco told Linda that her mother is afraid she will goes to the same path as her. Linda kicked Bosco and said they break up. Bosco said he doesn’t want a one night date.



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