Smart Kid episode 16 recap

Shen Xiao Hai asked the people to line up and put their hands in the bag. Shen Xiao Hai grabbed the hand of a man and siad he’s the thief. Everyone hands are full of ink except him. Shen Xiao Hai said he puts the block of in the bag and the thief stole the object so he was afraid to touch the ink. Shen Xiao Hai took the bag of money full of candle scent out of the thief’s pocket. Shen Xiao Hai kicked the thief and the guards arrested him. The magistrate told Shen Xiao Hai his identity is unknown so he has to arrest him and give him thirty spank. Shen Xiao Hai took the magistrate to a corner and said he’s the majesty’s brother.

The scholar complimented to the other scholars that Shen Hao Xiao is handsome and heroic. Dicky told the scholars he will make them admire him someday. Nie Yuan played hockey with the scholar. Shen Xiao Hai picked up the ball and asked him where’s the principal. The teachers said the students all listen to Dicky and they are losing their power. The scholars ran and step on Dicky. Shen Hao Xiao talked to the teachers. Dicky greets Shen Xiao Hai. The teacher told Dicky about Shen Xiao Hai’s accomplishment in the war. Li Bing Bing and He Mei Tian talk to Shen Xiao Hai. Shen Xiao Hai told Li Bing Bing he remembered she enjoys running away and wearing pig tails. Her looks is prettier than before. Li Bing Bing told Shen Xiao Hai she will buy cakes for him. He Mei Tian and the teacher search for Li Bing Bing. Li Bing Bing saw a snake and fell down the tree. Shen Xiao Hai picked her up and asked her what does she want to eat. Nie Yuan read Feng Jie’s letter and said he is like her best friend but she doesn’t know him. Shen Hao Xiao Hai greets Nie Yuan as the royal prince. Nie Yuan wants to sit by the river and think about what is his next step.


Dicky went in the classroom and didn’t see anyone. Shen Xiao Hai teaches the scholars about history. Shen Hao Xiao told the teacher he sees him coughing, he asked him to give hundred silver and he will cure his illness. The scholars told Dicky that he can’t be compared to Shen Xiao Hai. Dicky compete with Shen Xiao Hia some riddles. Dicky gambled with Shen Hao Xiao. Dicky lost to Shen Xiao Hai to two pointed. The scholars told Dicky that he shouldn’t teach them anymore since he didn’t admit defeat. Shen Xiao Hai admits defeat. The scholars asked Shen Xiao Hai to teach him.

The monk chased an assassin in the black suit who stole the letter from the seagull. Shen Xiao Hai took a walk with the monk in the woods. Shen Xiao Hai told the monk it is a pity he didn’t use his martial arts to work for the palace. The monk told Shen Xiao Hai there are many things he have forgotten since he’s turning old. Dicky asked the monk why does be called Shen Hao Xiao. Shen Xiao Hai asked the the majesty to let him lead the guards but he refuses. Shen Xiao Hai told Nie Yuan to study hard. The majesty told Nie Yuan he shouldn’t be too close to Shen Xiao Hai The female assassins showed the letter to Shen Hao Xiao of Nie Yuan to Feng Jie. Shen Hao Xiao said his plan is to get Nie Yuan’s trust. He will gather the troops and overthrow Nie Yuan.

Shen Xiao Hai picked up the stuff for Feng Jie and gave the cashier a gold. Feng Jie read the solved riddle from Shen Xiao Hai. Feng Jie watches Shen Xiao Hai tying up the bride for the people to passed by the river. Shen Xiao Hai told the villager hoping he won’t bribed money from others to cross the bridge. Shen Xiao Hai wrote a word on the bridge named the bridge for people don’t have to pay a cent. Shen Xiao Hai invited Feng Jie to be the first person to cross the bridge. Li Bing Bing got mad. Feng Jie gave Shen Hao Xiao a crepe. Shen Hao Xiao said food doesn’t goes by rank, as long as it’s good he’ll eat it. He plans to help people. Two years ago, he was on a mission and he was hungry, and someone gave him this crepe and he found it really good. Feng Jie’s maid wished Nie Yuan had one percent of the aura as Shen Xiao Hai. Li Bing Bing told Dicky she rather listen to Shen Xiao Hai. The teacher told Dicky that Shen Xiao Hai will teach here for six months. Li Bing Bing cheers for Dicky won’t be her teacher anymore. The monk told Dicky he has a feeling that someone is watching them. Dicky asked Nie Yuan why he hasn’t received any letter recently.



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