Smart Kid episode 17 recap

Shen Xiao Hai ordered the female assassin to keep an eye on Dicky and Nie Yuan. Li Bing Bing asked Shen Xiao Hai to hang out but he already have a meeting. Shen Xiao Hai and Feng Jie threw food for the ducks. Dicky eavesdrop on Shen Xiao Hai and Feng Jie eating apples. Li Bing Bing watches them and bumped into Dicky. Dicky told Li Bing Bing she is not as pretty as Feng Jie. Li Bing Bing told Dicky he’s bold and not as good looking as Shen Xiao Hai. Shen Xiao Hai ate with Feng Jie. Li Bing Bing hugged Shen Xiao Hai. Dicky told Feng Jie he saw Shen Xiao Hai flirting with another girl. Feng Jie eavesdrop on a girl bowing in front of Shen Xiao Hai and apologized that Dicky told her to pretend to be his lover. The girl is happy that Shen Xiao Hai gave her hundred golds. Li Bing Bing messed up the wrong canoe. Dicky and Li Bing Bing sat on the canoe and the water flew in the canoe. Li Bing Bing hit on Dicky’s head. Dicky kicked Li Bing Bing on the water.


Feng Jie’s maid feels happy for Feng Jie and Shen Xiao Hai. The boy tripped down from the roof. Feng Jie’s maid and brother asked Nie Yuan if he should piggy back the boy or bring him to the doctor. Nie Yuan thought about the rocks falling down the flood and yelled to not force him. Feng Jie piggyback the boy. Feng Jie tripped. Nie Yuan carried the boy to the doctor. The doctor apologized to Feng Jie he ran out of medicine. He gave Ni Yuan a prescription. Nie Yuan ran in the ran searching for the medicine. The doctor told Nie Yuan that Shen Hao Xiao already healed the boy. Shen Xiao Hai thanked Feng Jie to leave the sachet so he can return it to her. Feng Jie’s maid yelled at Nie Yuan for returning so late. Feng Jie wrote a letter to Nie Yuan she is happy. Dicky asked Nie Yuan why did he hide him about the boy tripped down the roof. Feng Jie read the letter and feels upset. Feng Jie asked Nie Yuan if he has ever fallen in love and what would he do if his crush loves someone else. Nie Yuan said he can just wish them happiness.


Li Bing Bing said when she ran away and was scared but Shen Xiao Hai saved him. Dicky called Li Bing Bing having a teenage love. Li Bing Bing drank ginger soup and left. Nie Yuan hugged the seagull and read the letter from Feng Jie about happiness and love. Feng Jie puts the water out of the well and asked her maid what day it is. Feng Jie followed the seagull to someone’s house and gave him money. The person said the seagull and letter belongs to him and is from his sister. Feng Jie walked out sadly. Feng Jie chat with Shen Xiao Hai. Li Bing Bing gave Dicky a bowl of rice. Dicky thought Li Bing Bing took the bowl from his room and he yelled at her. Li Bing Bing said he took the bowl from Nie Yuan’s room. Shen Xiao Hai invited Feng Jie to a festival. Dicky asked Nie Yuan to come close to him. Dicky punched Nie Yuan for hiding the letter and the bowl. Dicky threw the bowl and asked Nie Yuan to explain why did he betray him. The monk prevented Dicky from punching Nie Yuan. The monk said there’s no right and wrong n love. Li Bing Bing asked Dicky to watch the stars on the sky. Li Bing Bing told Dicky that he cares about being a teacher more than Feng Jie while Nie Yuan is wiling to work as a waiter to be with Feng Jie. Dicky told Li Bing Bing the answer to his riddle.




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