Dark Tales 2 episode 11 recap

This episode starts with Yun Ting chasing Siang Chun in the woods. Yun Ting gave Siang Chun a bowl of soup. Yun Ting and Siang Chun rode on the horse and passed by the hunters in the woods and set the fire. Yun Ting got shot by the arrow. Siang Chun pull out the arrow from Yun Tin’s body on the water. Yun Ting and Siang Chun make love with each other. Yun Thing gets married to Siang Chun. Snow storm appears as Siang Chun is on the way to the wedding. Yun Ting took off the veil of Siang Chun in the room and asked her why does she look so pale. Siang Chun told Yun Ting she is pregnant. Siang Chun turned into her real self as a ghost. Yun Ting told Siang Chun he doesn’t care if she’s a ghost or a human, she will still love her. The ghost asked Siang Chun to go down the hell. Siang Chun begged the guardian to let her give birth to her baby. Yun Ting threw a green jade at the guardian and took Siang Chun away.


The fortune teller told the guardian he can’t rush and wait ten month later till the baby is born. Yun Ting smiled and listened to her baby in Siang Chun’s body. Siang Chun has a feeling when she gives birth to her baby, they will leave each other. Yun Ting holds the baby and wonder why the baby is so cold. Louisa gave the name for her baby hoping god will take care of her. Siang Chun cried and left with the guardians. Siang Chun got punished eighteen floor down the hell.


Yun Ting brought the baby and asked his sister for a bottle of water Yung Ting’s sister’s maid pour in some congee for the baby. Yun Ting’s sister placed the baby by the river. Siang Chun called for help. Siang Chun told the guardian that someone threw her baby on the river. The fortune teller told the guardian mother’s love is touching. The fortune teller and the guardian lead Siang Chun on the bridge and remember to come back in three years. Chang Sun picked up the baby on the river. The maid leads Yun Ting to the river. Chang Sun picked up a paper and transformed it into a tael and bought a dessert for the baby. Yun Ting searched for the baby. Chang Sun saw Yun Ting. A passerby saw Yun Ting hugging a ghost and got scared. Yun Ting blamed her maid and beat her up for leaving the baby. Yun Ting passed by his sister and she feels cold.



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