Smart Kid episode 18 recap

Feng Ji wonder if the writer of the note will meet her tomorrow. Nie Yuan left a note apologizing to Dicky. Nie Yuan left in the woods. Dicky asked Nie Yuan if he’s a gentleman. Dicky told Nie Yuan that he must revenge but not now since Feng Jie is waiting for her. Nie Yuan refuses to go. Dicky punched Nie Yuan that Feng Jie is waiting for him. Nie Yuan said he isn’t the person in the letter. He doesn’t have the confidence to bring happiness to Feng Jie. Dicky told Nie Yuan if he leaves, Feng Jie will be disappointed and heartbroken. Feng Jie stares at Nie Yuan. Feng Jie said it couldn’t be him. Feng Jie slapped Nie Yuan and left. Nie Yuan poured tea down the table for a customer. Feng Jie yelled at Nie Yuan. Feng Jie threw the teapot and asked Nie Yuan to do chores. The maid asked Feng Jie’s brother why does Feng Jie torture Nie Yuan. Nie Yuan told Feng Jie there was a guy who strangled on the street and there was a lady who gave him a bowl of rice but he feels ashamed and never dare to dream of her. But then his friend who loves this lady and helped him write letters but never thought he would take his role. They became best friend then he begins to love this lady. He has never thought of being a prince rescuing the princess. He just wanted to tell her he didn’t mean to lie to her. Nie Yuan apologized and chopped the woods. Feng Jie told Nie Yuan she really despite him because he didn’t put his name nor say sorry. He didn’t tell her his true feelings. She hopes the guy she likes has a career and ride her out of this restaurant. She hopes he tells her he will take her the rest of this life. But he can’t take care of her. She hates how useless he is. Nie Yuan cried and sit on the river.


The scholars gossiped that Nie Yuan stole Dicky’s lover. The scholars laughed and told Dikcy he is really handsome today. Dicky teaches the scholars why are they so good to him. A scholar blurted out Dicky is heartbroken. The scholars beat up the scholar. The scholars nominate Xing Feng to represent them in the competition. Dicky drew on the teacher’s face.

Nie Yuan free the seagull. Dicky watches Nie Yuan flew and pick up the seagull. Xing Feng told the teacher that the paper is not his but it’s Nie Yuan. Dicky said he has switched the name to Nie Yuan and thinks Nie Yuan will pass the exam. Dicky told Nie Yuan to face the truth in front of Feng Jie. Nie Yuan thought of Feng Jie. Nie Yuan told the seagull he really wants to be the writer. Dicky gave Feng Jie a letter. Feng Jie read Nie Yuan’s letter he will work hard and won’t disappoint her. Nie Yuan practices martial arts with the monk. Nie Yuan jogged up and down the stairs.



Feng Jie told Li Bing Bing when she thinks of Nie Yuan as the writer, she really despite him. Shen Xiao Hai is just a dream. Nie Yuan is reality. She hopes the person she loves can take her away. Perhaps Shen Xiao Hai can only do it. Li Bing Bing said she only needs to be with a guy she love. Feng Jie told Li Bing Bing she had a dfferent background than her. Shen Xiao Hai ordered the assassins to attack Nie Yuan. Dicky pretends to tell Feng Jie that Nie Yuan got injured while practicing martial arts. Dicky took Feng Jie to the woods and asked her to chat with Nie Yuan. The assassins fought with Nie Yuan. Shen Xiao Hai took the stab for him. Li Bing Bing told Dicky that Shen Xiao Hai is a hero saving Nie Yuan who is unrelated to him. Shen Xiao Hai asked Nie Yuan to have more confident. Nie Yuan told Shen Xiao Hai he will listen to him from now on.



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