Dark Tales 2 episode 12 recap

Siang Chun told Yun Ting their baby don’t have a shadow and is cold. Yun Ting hugged his baby while sleeping. Yun Ting’s brother asked Yun Ting if he’s alright since he looks pale. Yun Ting’s sister in law whipped her maid for pickiing up the baby from the river. Siang Chu possessed Yun Ting’s brother’s body and scold his wife and asked her to bow and let the maid take care of Siang Chu’s baby. Siang Chu asked the maid to take care of her baby from now on. Siang Chu bowed in front of the maid. Yu Ting’s sister in law massaged her husband and asked if Yun Ting has fallen for her maid. Three years has passed by, Yu Ting and Tian Sheng’s baby has skills in art. Yun Ting’s energy start to drain. Tian Sheng chased a rabbit. The priests saw Siang Chun flying. The priests threw some papers at Siang Chun at the temple. Siang Chun picked up Tian Sheng and asked him not to run around. The priest asked Siang Chun to hand him her son. The priest needs it to generate the pearl. Siang Chun used her power on the priest.


Siang Chun takes a bath for her son and said this will be the last time she will take him a bath. Yun Ting asked Siang Chun why did she sew so many clothes for their son. Yun Ting asked Siang Chun if she’s leaving. Siang Chun said she will leave. Yun Ting told Siang Chun she is not a ghost but Tian Sheng’s mother. Siang Chun asked Yun Ting to take care of their son. Yun Ting told Siang Chun he loves her a lot. What did they do wrong but they have to seperate. Siang Chun said they should apprecaite that Tiang Sheng has the drawing skills. Siang Chun cried and told her son that she will feel relieve when he grows up. Siang Chun thanked the guardian and went back to hell.


Eighteen years later, the crowd stared at Tian Sheng’s beauty painting. Tian Sheng folded his painting and said it is not for a competition. Two servant told Tian Sheng that their master but he refuses. Tiang Sheng confronted his friend for using his painting in the art compeitition. Tian Sheng told his friend it was a pity since he took back his painting. Tian Sheng told his friend he leaves his painting to him but he won’t forgive him if he used it for the competition. Hsia Sue followed Tian Sheng. Hsia Sue told Tian Sheng she wants to see his painting. Tian Sheng asked Hsia to meet her on the mountain tomorrow. Tian Sheng showed Hsia Sue his painting and she found it so good and asked Tian Sheng who is the wowan in the painting. Hsia Sue sees it as a kind mother. Hsia Sue told Tian Sheng she feels it is a pity he didn’t use this painting for the contest. Hisa Sue asked Tian Sheng who is his master. Tian Sheng said he was born talented in drawing. Tian Sheng told Hsia she forgot something which is a friend she first met. Tian Sheng’s friend looked at Tian Sheng’s new beauty paintings. The majesty asked the master to bring Tian Sheng’s painting to him. Hsia Sue told Tian Sheng how come his friend knows her name. Tian Sheng said he only wants to share his happiness with him. Hsia Sue asked Tian Sheng to lend him his painting. Hsia Sue told Tian Sheng that to not put himself too high just because he has talent. Tian Sheng wrote her name on the book and let her borrow his painting. Tian Sheng asked Hsia Sue to let him draw her as an exchange for the painting.



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