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K9 Cop episode 17 recap

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Angel waits for Oscar after the exam and yelled at him for finishing it so fast. Oscar complained to Angel that she wants him to change. Angel asked Oscar if he wanted to abort the baby. Oscar told Angel that the responsible is too big for him. Angel told Oscar to divorce. Angel ached her belly. Rebeca told Angel that she used to punish Linda to bow and watch ice cream. She’s strict toward Linda so she didn’t go to the wrong path. Linda texted Bosco to make up an excuse to not see her mother. Bosco told Rebeca Linda is on vacation so she’ll visit him later. Bosco said Bahda is sick so Linda took it to the doctor. Angel asked Bosco to drive Oscar out of the house. She doesn’t want her baby to be lazy like Oscar. Bosco told Oscar that Angel wants to kick him out and asked Rebeca to keep her money. Oscar told Bosco he named his baby. Oscar said seeing his daughter being taken away is like being stabbed by a knife. Oscar held on to Bosco’s leg and begged him he can’t lose his daughter. Tracy told Kayi to stay with Angel in the hospital for the night. Tracy bought some tank tops. Tracy called Raymond that she needs to see him tonight. A lady asked Tracy if she’s the wife of the brave cop. She deals with Tracy to represent her company and they will pay the tanktops for her.

The staff asked Kayi’s friend to let him join his brother. Kayi’s friend asked the staff to kiss the old lady over there and sell her. The staff tries to take the popsicle from a big guy and got punched by him. Kayi’s friend told the staff to drink this bottle of pee. The staff drinks it and asked Kayi’s friend if he can be his student. Kayi’s friend pointed a fake gun at the staff. The staff got scared and tripped to the sea.


Kayi’s friend evil twin brother visited Risk in jail and asked him for the account book. The other staff got scared since Kayi’s friend used to be in a triad; they asked Raymond’s father to let him be a servant instead of a dishwasher. Raymond’s father let Kayi’s friend be an opera knight guarding the restaurant. The passerby takes photos of Kayi’s friend. Raymond’s father fainted. Kayi’s friend came with his sword to the rescue. Raymond’s friend asked him not to steal his money. Some cops handcuffed Kayi’s friend. At the police station, Kayi’s friend pray for Raymond’s father. Kayi’s friend said he got used to being in the triad but he met a girl that told him there’s a beautiful world so he took the wrong step. Kayi’s friend told Bosco that he may believe Kayi is dumb but she is the only one who beieves him. If he only can start his life again, she will be his chance to be a good guy. Being a good guy is hard. Raymond told Bosco if he didn’t criticize Kayi’s friend in the restaurant, he wouldn’t be in this state. Raymond texted Kayi’s friend that his brother is in HK.

The twin brother stepped on Kayi’s friend and asked him where’s his account. Kayi’s friend laughed and told his twin, he never knew his brother is so interested in him. The twin grabbed Kayi’s friend and said he was born before him to get rid of him. Tracy happily went home and hugged Raymond. Raymond told Tracy that he almost drank the soup and realized she has a deal with his mother. Raymond yelled at Tracy that he has his problems but she keeps on forcing him to have a baby. Raymond yelled at Tracy for being the girl in the ad. Raymond whipped Tracy. Kayi and Angel went in the room to watch the baby and saw Raymond and Tracy making out.


At the prison, Risk told the cop he wants to see his lawyer. Risk’s lawyer told Tracy Risk wants to see her. Risk stared at Tracy creepily. Bosco saw Linda in the hospital. Linda ran in the restroom and asked her why she is different from an HK girl. Rebeca opened the door and wants to talk to Bosco. Rebeca told Bosco he’s a good cop but not a good boyfriend.


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