Dark Tales 2 episode 13 recap

The master showed the goddess painting to the majesty and said it is talented. The majesty wants the painter to be his painter. Tian Sheng took Hsia Sue to the white flowers on the mountain like snow. Tian Sheng arrived home. The eunuch read the edict and told Tian Sheng to be ready to go to the palace. The majesty appointed Tian Sheng as his painter. Tian Sheng rejected of staying in the palace and enjoy the freedom of drawing for everyone. The majesty gave Tian Sheng a garden house. Hsia Sue said a poem nitpicking on Tian Sheng for not using his talent to work or the palace. Tian Sheng prefers freedom. Hsia Sue told Tian Sheng to make use of his talent. Tian Sheng puts the blanket around his father. Yun ting told Tian Sheng that his mother told him he’s going to leave for the palace. Tian Sheng asked Yun Ting if he always listened to his mother. Siang Chun thanked the guardian to let him speak to her husband in his dream. Tian Sheng asked the majesty if there’s a princess. The master introduced Tian Sheng to other painters. The master stared at the painting of Hsia Sue that Tian Sheng hung up. Tian Sheng flew a kite of Hsia Sue. The kite fell down Hsia Sue picked it up. Tian Sheng asked Hsia Sue about her status in the palace. Hsia Sue said she’s only a student in the palace. Tian Sheng asked Hsia Sue to take him around the garden.


Hsia Sue greeted the master who is her teacher. Hsia Sue told Tian Sheng the female in the picture doens’t look like her. Hsia Sue and Tian Sheng looked at her reflection on the water. Tian Sheng told Hsia Sue she planned to steal the painting for the master and persuade him to go in the palace. Hsia Sue said she used to paint with her father for a living. After father died, she feels pity for her and sees her talent in drawing so she taught him to draw. Tian Sheng asked Hsia Sue to draw him. Hsia Sue said she doesn’t have him in her heart. The majesty praised Tian Sheng’s drawing for drawing a pear causing the bees to come toward it. The majesty reward Tian Sheng golds and diamonds for defeating other paintings. The majesty promoted Tian Sheng to be a teacher. Hsia showed Tian Sheng a drawing of him with a frog body. Hsia Sue showed Tian Seng another painting of his handsome feature. Tian Sheng wiped Hsia Sue’s face and about to kissed her and ran. Tian Sheng asked Hsia Sue if she is willing to draw with him for a lifetime.


Hsia Sue returned home and saw the master being drunk. The master asked Hsia Sue why is she always hanging out with Tian Sheng. Hsia Sue appreciates the master but she has a good impression on Tian Sheng. The master told Hsia Sue he likes her a lot. The master tries to rape Hsia Sue. Tian Sheng barged in the room and took Hsia Sue out. Hsia Sue cried. Tian Sheng told Hsia Sue to be careful. Tian Sheng asked Hsia Sue to let him take care of her. The official looked at the majesty’s painting and feels happy. The majesty told Tian Sheng he will put this painting in the room. Tian Sheng requested the majesty to grant him marriage with Hsia Sue. A priest passed by Tian Sheng by the teahouse. Hsia Sue freaked out after touching the skull. The priest visited the master and wants to collaborate with him. The majesty ache his throat and his voice changes to girly voice. The master suggested the official to invite the priest to heal the majesty.



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