Dark Tales 2 episode 14 recap

The priest did a spell for the majesty and said the painting is drawn by a demon. The priest told the majesty that the painter is the son of a ghost and a human. The prince judges at the court and summit the priest. The priest Tian Sheng used the spell on the drawing to harm the majesty. The priest asked Tian Sheng if he ever met his mother. Tian Sheng said his mother passed away. Hsia beat the drum and told the judge she witnessed the priest that it is all a scheme. Hsia Sue told the judge that the master is jealous of Tian Sheng so she set up a trap framing him accusing him of being a ghost. The master is jealous of Tian Sheng and jealous of him being engaged to her. Tian Sheng told the master he tried to rapte Hsia Sue. The teacher denied. The priest suggests the judge to bering the demon objects in Tian Sheng’s room then he won’t be able to draw. The prince gives Tian Sheng three hours to draw his painting. Tian Sheng draw by the dragon statutes on the mountain. The priest drinks with the prince and got drunk. The priest’s soul flew and met with the master. The priest did a spell on Tian Sheng feels blank. He used to imagine a phoenix but suddenly it disappear.


Siang Chun beggged the guardians to help her son. The guardian told the other guardian that if they save Tian Sheng right now they will have consequences. The guardian is willing to help. The two guardians and Siang Chun went to save Tian Sheng but on the way out some guardians surrounded them. Siang Chun used her power and flew on the disk out of the hell. Tian Sheng has a headache and told Hsia Sue to leave. Hsia Sue saw Siang Chuncoming. She fought with the demons and injured the priest. Hsia Sue wonder why Siang Chun looks like the goddess on the painting. The priest went back to his body. The prince stared at the phoenix painting Tian Sheng drew. Tian Sheng told the prince when he was drawing, he was like dreaming and wouldn’t believe he drew this phoenix.


Hsia Sue told Tian Sheng she saw the cloudy sparrow. Tian Sheng told Hsia Sue that was the goddess in his painting and he wondered why after she came, he could draw again. Tian Sheng doubted she’s a ghost and his mother. Tian Sheng asked Hsia Sue if he’s different from normal people. If he’s the son of a ghost, would she be scared. Hsia Sue told Tian Sheng even if he’s a ghost, she will still love her. The guardians stood in front of Tian Sheng’s house. Siang Chun used her soul and visited her husband. Siang Chun told her husband that she has destroyed the demons that harmed Tian Sheng. Tian Sheng’s father coughed and told Siang Chun he can’t help son much.

Tian Sheng asked his father where’s his mother’s grave. Tian Sheng’s father told Tian Sheng that ghost can’t give birth and he forgot where he buried his mother. Tian Sheng asked his uncle about his mother. Tian Sheng’s uncle said after his parents got married, they went missing for one year and gave birth to him. Tian Sheng said he heard that he is the son of a ghost and his father talking to his mother’s soul. Tian Sheng asked his uncle to tell him about his mother. His mother is pityful dying after giving birth to him. Tian Sheng went in the icy mountain cave and saw his mother’s corpse.



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