Dark Tales 2 episode 15 recap

Tian Sheng saw his mother and freaked out. Siang Chun told Tian Sheng she knows he will feel uncomfortable knowing the truth about him being the son of a ghost. He must not accepting her as his mother. She won’t allow the priest to harm him. Tian Sheng hugged his mother. The priest fought with Siang Chun. The master told Hsia Sue that the priest has captured Tian Sheng and his mother. The priest summit Tian Sheng in the court. Tian Sheng denied of knowing Siang Chun. Yun Ting denied of knowing Siang Chun. The uncle denied knowing Siang Chun and said he only met Yun Ting’s wife once. The judge asked the uncle how did Yun Ting died and where did he burry him. The dessert stall owner freaked out seeing Siang Chun and said this ghost paid her taels turning to papers. Siang Chun denied the baby is Tian Sheng. Siang Chun said she took care of him but she is not his mother. The priest gave Tian Sheng a sword and asked him to kill his mother. Tian Sheng pushed the sword on Siang Chun and said she is not his mother. She caused him to lose everything. Tian Sheng bowed three times in front of Siang Chun and said they will go to separate ways. Tiang Sheng was about to point a sword again. The judge asked him to stop and announced him innocent. The prince told the priest to free Siang Chun.


Yun Ting asked Tian Sheng why did he dare to kill his mother. Tian Sheng told Siang Chung he did it for the benefit for the situatin. Siang Chun bowed in front of his mother. Siang Chun told Yun Ting she told Tian Sheng to do it because this was the only way out. Siang Chun gave three taels to Tian Sheng and Hsia Sue. The guardians tied a chain on Siang Chun. The priest fought with the guardians. The priest put Siang Chun in the bottle. The priest puts Siang Chun in the cauldron. Hsia Sue eavesdrop on the priest told the master that he puts the spell paper on the cauldron. If they tear up the paper then the cauldron will explode. If they tear up the other paper then Siang Chun will escape. He put the other paper under the pillow next to the cauldron. Hsia Sue took Tian Sheng to the cauldron room. Hsia Sue found the paper under the pillow and tore it. The prince and the master and the soldiers surrounded Tian Sheng and Hsia sue. Siang Chun fought with the priest and left. The prince burnt the Tian Sheng’s painting. The master asked Hsia Sue to leave with him. Hsia Sue asked the master to get over it. The master told Hsia Sue that Tian Sheng is being burnt. Hsia Sue begged the prince to spare Tian Sheng. Though Tian Sheng is a ghost, he din’t want to be born this way. Tian Sheng asked Hsia Sue to not beg them. Hsia Sue hugged Tian Sheng and said he can’t leave her. Hsia wants to be burn with Tian Sheng. Tian Sheng requested Hsia Sue to forget him and leave happily. The prince burns Tian Sheng. Siang Chung came in the majesty’s room and begged him to forgive Tian Sheng. Tian Sheng has been framed by a priest. The majesty ordered the eunuch to give an order to not burn Tian Sheng.


Siang Chun pointed a knife at the majesty. The prince released Tian Sheng. The majesty told the priest to catch the ghost. The priest told the majesty to promote him for catching ghost. The majesty gave the priest a rank. The master put the spell paper on Hsia Sue and put her on the bed. The master raped Hsia Sue. Hsia Sue pushed him on the hill.


The priest chased Siang CHun and Tian Sheng. Siang Chun told Tian Sheng to draw a forest to sidetrack the priest. The priest used his power and broke the wall. Siang Chun transformed a horse. The priest threw a rope and tied them up. The priest used his power on Tian Sheng. The two guardians came and untied Tian Sheng and Siang Chun and put the priest soul in the book to meet the judge. Siang Chun begged the two guardians to save Tian Sheng. Siang Chun piggyback Tian Sheng through the fire to meet a god to save him. Tian Sheng realizes Siang Chun soul will vanish if passing through the fire. Siang Chun fainted. Tian Sheng carried his mother. Siang Chun asked Tian Sheng why is he gullible giving up three years of his lives. The god granted Siang Chun to be a human. The god granted Siang Chun of being a fairy. Siang Chun begged God to let them enjoy three more years of their lives. Tiang Sheng got married to Hsia Sue. The people visited Siang Chun’s grave.



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