Smart Kid episode 19 recap

Dicky washes his feet on the lake. Feng Jie yelled at Dicky that she uses the lake water to make wine. Dicky told Feng Jie she enjoys yelling at others and want Nie Yuan to be a coward. When Nie Yuan gets injured, she worried for him but when Shen Xiao Hai got injured, she’s fine. Feng Jie said Nie Yuan doesn’t have a dream. Dicky said love is a dream. Shen Xiao Hai can give her money but she won’t be happy. Shen Xiao Hai told the assassin he saved Nie Yuan to get his trust.

Li Bing Bing and Dicky recites a poem. Li Bing Bing told Dicky he’s a pig. Li Bing Bing said she won’t give up on Shen Xiao Hai. Feng Jie read a letter from Nie Yuan that he already did something for his lover and won’t regret if he loses. The maid praises the necklace that Shen Xiao Hai gave Feng Jie. Shen Xiao Hai said he is willing to sacrifice his life at the war for the people. Nie Yuan promised Shen Xiao Hai when he becomes the emperor he will promote him as the general leading the war. Nie Yuan told Dicky and Li Bing Bing his fate is to lose. He will lose tomorrow at the contest.


Dicky asked the scholar that which book mentioned that they need to study to pass the exam. Nie Yuan still participate in the contest but knows he will lose but he still do it for his dream. Nie Yuan is his student and their friends so they have to support him. The teacher announced that tomorrow after school, they will stay to study. Dicky and the scholar search for Nie Yuan. Dicky went in the room and asked Nie Yuan to come downstairs. Nie Yuan said he was born a loser. Dicky said people stopped in the middle of the rope. People can stretch the rope. Li Bing Bing read Feng Jie’s letter aloud if Nie Yuan pass the contest, she will accept him. The contest ends. The teacher pleads the judges to wait for Nie Yuan. Nie Yuan arrives and fought with the contestants. Nie Yuan won both rounds in the contest. Nie Yuan read the slip of paper on the seagull and fought with the final contestant. The teacher asked Nie Yuan to give up. Shen Xiao Hai told Feng Jie to look at Nie Yuan fighting for her. The other contestant won. The contestant told Nie Yuan though he lost, he haven’t fallen down while the prrevious constantants he defeated has fallen down. The scholars cheer up for Nie Yuan.

Nie Yuan told Feng Jie that he lost because he got injured. If he wasn’t injured, he would have won. This is the first time has has happiness. Nie Yuan asked Feng Jie if she is willing to accept him. Feng Jie said if he is confident. Feng Jie said they should thank Shen Xiao Hai. Feng Jie told Nie Yuan she regretted since Shen Xiao Hai is better than him. Nie Yuan promised she will give happiness to Feng Jie. Feng Jie hopes Nie Yuan will pass the scholar exam. Nie Yuan promised he will ride a white horse with her and leave this place. Nie Yuan freed the seagull since he found happiness.


Dicky respects Feng Jie’s decision. The principal told Nie Yuan that he has his confidence back, even without him he will be a good emperor. Nie Yuan plead the principal to help him. The principal said he taught many students and someday they will graduate and may becomes and official. Nie Yuan thanked the principal. Nie Yuan promised the principal he will be a good emperor. Shen Xiao Hai visited the principal. Shen Xiao Hai asked the principal if he finished writing the manuel. Shen Xiao Hai told the assassins that Nie Yuan can’t do anything to him. The principal isn’t simple. He wanted to collaborate with him but he denied. Dicky plays soccer with Shen Xiao Hai. Nie Yuan bids farewell to the scholars and the teachers. Nie yuan whispered to Dicky he doesn’t really want to leave this library. Nie Yuan gave Feng Jie a red sachet and said she will someday marry a wealthy man. Dicky whispered to the principal and asked him if he knows the identity of Nie Yuan since the Shen Xiao Hai respected him and took the stab for him. The principal smiled. Dicky said forget it, it doesn’t matter who Nie Yuan is as long as he is his student.



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