Dark Tales 2 episode 16 recap

This story starts with Wang Lu Lang goes fishing. Hsu Dan Feng brought cakes to Lu Lang. Lu Lang told Dan Feng he doesn’t like his father con money from the villagers. Dan Feng’s father took Dan Feng home. Dan Feng’s father told Dan Feng Wu Lang lost his father when he was five and lost his mother when he was four. She will end up miserable if she marries Lu Lang. Lu Lang told the villagers that even if they don’t pray, they still have good weather. Dan Feng’s father told the villagers that that goddess punish them because they didn’t give them enough flowers. Dan Feng’s father told the villagers to drive away Lu Lang. Dan Feng dressed up as a goddess and showed the red paper that they will have good weather. Dan Feng pretends to be possessed by the goddess. The villagers gave Dan Feng’s father gold flowers. Dan Feng’s father got mad that the flower golds are fake.


Dan Feng’s father dressed up in black suit and place powder on the sea. Lu Wang chased him. Lu Lang knocked on Dan Feng’s house and said he suspects her father has put poison powders on the sea. Dan Feng told Lu Lang that her father only wants to revenge the villagers. Dan Feng begged Lu Lang to not arrest his father. Lu Lang showed the black suit and said it belongs to Dan Feng’s father. Dan Feng’s father asked Lu Lang who taught them to give them fake gold flowers. Dan Feng’s father said god punished them for giving fake gold flowers. The villagers beat up Lu Lang. Dan Feng said her father poisoned the fish in the sea. Lu Lang showed her father’s clothe and said her father conned them. The villagers beat up Dan Feng’s father. Lu Lang grabbed the villagers knee and Dan Feng’s father ran.

Dan Feng yelled at Lu Lang and forbids him to marry his daughter. Dan Feng’s father called Lu Lang a pauper and stop bothering his daughter. Dan Feng sneaks in the house and asked Lu Lang to run away with her. Lu Lang worries that an Feng father will be mad. Dan Feng said when they have kids it will be too late. A robber pointed a knife at Lu Lang and asked him to give him all his money. Dan Feng refused to give the robber her wedding jewelries that her mother gave her. The robber pulled Dan Feng. Dan Feng pushed Lu Lang on the robber’s body and got stabbed by the knife. The canoe with Lu Lang’s body got burnt.


Lu Lang went down the hell. The judge said the book doesn’t have Lu Lang’s name. Dan Feng should be on the list. The guardian brought the wrong shadows when Lu Lang took the stab for Dan Feng. Dan Feng cried at the beach and called Lu Lang. Dan Feng lost appetite to eat. Lu Lang wants to come down saving Dan Feng. Dan Feng doesn’t want to go to hell if Dan Feng dies. The guardian stole the pearl from the demon for Lu Lang to swallow to become god. Lu Lang’s body haven’t reappear after swallowing the pearl. Lu Lang worked hard and the body got back together. Lu Lang came in Dan Feng’s room. Dan Feng being ill and asked Lu Lang to wait for her. Dan Feng noticed Lu Lang’s lost his legs and said even if he loses them, she will still love him. The next morning, Dan Feng eat the dishes. Dan Feng’s father eavesdrop on Lu Lang’s head talking to his daughter and freaked out. Lu Lang’s whole body reappear. Dan Feng’s father threw water at Lu Lang.



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