Dark Tales 2 episode 17 recap

Dan Feng’s father held a candle and want to burn this house. Lu Lang explained to Dan Feng’s father that he’s half ghost, human, and god. Dan Feng’s father wants Lu Lang to help him catch ghost for money. Dan Feng’s father asked Lu Lang if he wants to marry his daughter. Dan Feng’s father bought plenty of firecrackers. Dan Feng’s father asked Lu Lang to make his legs disappear. Lu Lang made his body disappear. Dan Feng asked Lu Lang to hold his breathe. He threw a firecracker, Lu Lang flew on the sky.

Lu Lang stood on the water, the people yelled for ghosts. Dan Feng’s father told the villagers that Lu Lang wants to possess them. Dan Feng’s father sold the paper for thirty taels, the villagers complained it’s so expensive and they left. Lu Lang scared the villagers. Dan Feng mimicked the ghost’s voice and laughed.Dan Feng’s father pretends to catch Lu Lang. Dan Feng’s father puts on the yellow paper and chased Lu Lang. The villagers saw Lu Lang losing his legs and head. The villagers thanked Dan Feng’s father. The next day, Dan Feng’s father sold the paper for sixty taels. Dan Feng’s father yelled at the butcher for not buying his paper. he butcher said he rather save his money to buy pigs for sale. Dan Feng’s father told Lu Lang to pretends to be a ghost to scare the butcher. Dan Feng’s father told Lu Lang he won’t marry off his daughter to him.


The butcher got scared and asked Dan Feng’s father to help him catch ghost. The butcher promised to give him free pigs. The villagers saw Lu Lang’s head and got scared. The guardian froze Lu Lang. The villagers wondered why Lu Lang can ache if he’s a ghost. The villagers went in and bet up Lu Lang. The guardian told Lu Lang that this is a light punishment for conning the people. The villagers beat up Lu Lang. The guardian froze the villagers and told Lu Lang to never tell out his identity.

The villagers took away Lu Lang’s furniture. Dan Feng’s father blamed Lu Lang for causing him to lose everything. Dan Feng told Lu Lang that since he is known not to be a ghost, he can hang out with her openly. Dan Feng gave Lu Lang a red envelope. Lu Lang opened the red envelope and it contains the red string pendant. In the festival, Lu Lang saw the scent on the two figures heads and worried that the audience in the theather will die. Dan Feng’s father complained to his boss he didn’t receive any income. Lu Lang asked the audience to leave but they wouldn’t believe him. The performers performed the play and dropped the lamp on the ground. The villagers yelled behind the gate for them to open. The two person in the white and black outfits fought with Lu Lang. Dan Feng’s father opened the yellow papers on the gate. The villagers ran. Dan Feng fainted. Dan Feng placed the villager outside the gate.
The guardian told Lu Lang he has caused a big trouble.


The butcher and the villagers thanked Dan Feng’s father for saving them. Dan Feng’s father said he’s a psychic and knows that there will be a fire and told Lu Lang to warn them. The judge ordered the guardians to guard Lu Lang so he won’t cause trouble in the earth. A man begged Dan Feng to marry him. Dan Feng told the man even if no one wants her, she wouldn’t marry her. Dan Feng’s father told Dan Feng that Lu Lang rescued people who he shouldn’t save and probably got punished by the judge. Dan Feng said even if Lu Lang becomes an animal, she will still marry him.



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