Dark Tales 2 episode 18 recap

The demon found where Lu Lang is. The man bought the object for hundred taels from Dan Feng’s father. The demon bought it for one million taels. The demon pray in front of the Buddhist hoping to search for a wife. Dan Feng’s father told the demon that his daughter is twenty and nice. Dan Feng’s father asked Dan Feng to dress up to meet someone. Dan Feng pushed his father out and refused to see the demon. The demon bids farewell to Dan Feng’s father. The demon greets Dan Feng at the beach and said he admired her but it’s a pity he didn’t see her last night. Dan Feng said she only has Lu Lang in her heart. Dan Feng said though Lu Lang is gone, she still waits for her. The demon wants to be brothers with Dan Feng. The demon invited Dan Feng to his house.


Lu Lang begged the guardian to let him see Dan Feng. The guardian showed the mirror. Lu Lang wondered who is that person that is talking to Dan Feng (demon in disguise). The demon transformed to his demon self and told Dan Feng that Lu Lang stole his pearl. Lu Lang begged the guardian to let him save Dan Feng. The guardian punched Lu Lang but stepped back due to being pushed by the red envelope in Lu Lang’s shirt. Lu Lang threw the red envelope on the guardian. Lu Lang tries to pushed out the pearl out of his body. The demon told Lu Lang to cut his belly and take out the pearl. Lu Lang and Dan Feng ran. The guardian told the demon he is evil and if he has the pearl he can’t have more powers. The guardian injured the demon. Dan Feng begged the guardian not to bring Lu Lang to punish Lu Lang. The guardian told Dan Feng he brought him back to heaven to use a body to reincarnate. Dan Feng and Lu Lang asked the guardian who’s body Lu Lang will be in. The guardian said the person is a scholar.

Dan Feng returns home and told her father that the demon disguised as the master. Perhaps is one hundred taels is fake. Dan Feng’s father opened the box and saw rocks. Lu Lang asked Dan Feng’s father to not marry his daughter to rich guys. Dan Feng’s father told Dan Feng to marry to the man. Dan Feng told her father if he continues forcing her to marry the man, she will tell out about the fire incident. Dan Feng’s father gives up and lets Dan Feng to marry whoever she wants.Lu Lang told Dan Feng he wondered how is the scholar.


A restaurant server told Dan Feng and Lu Lang that the scholar is marrying to a rich woman. Dan Feng touched the scholar and asked him if he’s the scholar. The scholar’s fiance got jealous and left him. The scholar ran and hit the rock. Dan Feng touched his hand. Dan Feng fainted. Dan Feng wakes up and called the scholar Lu Lang and asked him if he’s fine. Dan Feng ate some pancakes. The scholar’s mother told the scholar he got rejected by her fiance three times and she asked her when he will marry her. The scholar’s fiance saw Dan Feng eating with the scholar; she got mad. Dan Feng told the fiance she didn’t mean to steal the scholar but got wants them to be together. The scholar’s fiance’s mother said she wouldn’t mind to have Dan Feng as her daughter in law. The fiance asked Dan Feng if she still has conscience. Lu Lang came. Dan Feng introduced Lu Lang to the scholar. Dan Feng told the fiance she only loves Lu Lang. The scholar asked Lu Lang and Dan Feng to stay with them for two days. The scholar told her fiance though the flowers are pretty but not as pretty as her. Dan Feng worried seeing the scholars fell for the fiance. Lu Lang said the scholar will eventually die. Dan Feng told the scholar to be careful the soup is hot. Dan Feng tries to measure teh scholar’s costume. The fiance got mad. Lu Lang told the fiance that Dan Feng wanted to sew some clothes for him. Lu Lang worries about the fiance tempers when he possessed the scholar’s body.




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