Rural Hero episode 12 recap

Roger’s brother asked Fiona out for Karaoke. Roger’s brother and Fiona play Mahjong with his friends. The female villager told Poon that her husband lost money through gambling. Roger’s father yelled at Roger’s brother for partying all night. Fiona defended him and said he was chatting with a foreign man last night. Fiona’s husband called and asked her to lend him a few thousand dollars. Fiona asked Roger’s brother how many girlfriend did he used to have. Roger’s brother said he used to have many but now he only has her. Fiona told Roger’s brother he is like her ex husband whom only want her money. Roger’s brother consoled Fiona and tries to rape her. Fiona slapped him. Roger’s brother told Fiona he knows she likes him. Fiona asked Roger’s brother if he thinks she likes him. She is only playing with him.

Roger’s brother pointed a gun at Fiona. The village woman’s step son tripped down the stair and fainted. In the hospital, the villager woman’s son told the cop that his mother pushed him. The cop asked Roger’s mother if Roger’s brother play with the gun. Roger’s brother asked Jackie’s colleague if he blamed him because Roger used to be a prisoner.


The villagers gossiped about the stepmother pushed her stepson down the stair. Jackie and the villagers gives money to bail out the stepmother. Roger’s mother sneaked out of the house with some can food. Roger’s father woke up and didn’t see his wife. Roger’s mother went back on the bed and told Roger’s father that she went to the restroom downstairs since Jessica was on the restroom upstairs. Roger’s father said Jessica is sleeping.

Jackie’s colleague saw the stepmother. Roger’s mother pretends to have a headache. Roger followed his mother and found the stepmother. Roger’s mother said she can’t hand the stepmother out or the cops will find out she’s an illegal immigrant. The stepmother cried and said she loves his stepson when he was born but he blamed her for causing his father to be crippled and stealing his father from his mother. She doesn’t bear to leave them. Her stepson doesn’t believe her and will never accept her as her mother. Roger’s father told Roger’s mother she dare to have an affair. Roger’s friend told Roger’s father that Roger’s mother had an affair with Jackie’s colleague. Roger told his father that if he sees someone fainting, he would also help. Roger’s mother thanked Roger for speaking up for her and helping her hide the stepmother.

The stepmother touched her stepson’s forehead and found he has a fever. Roger’s father followed Roger’s mother. Roger’s father rung the bell and asked Roger’s mother to open the door. The stepmother on the window and tripped. Jackie’s colleague asked Jackie to let the stepmother to stay. Jackie said there’s law to follow. The villagers begged Jackie to not drive away the stepmother from the town. Jackie said she’s an officer and can’t let her stay. Roger’s mother told the stepson that the stepmother didn’t bring him to the hospital because she doesn’t have an ID. The stepson sees his stepmother for the last time and cried and apologized. The stepmother hugged the stepson.



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