Dark Tales 2 episode 19 recap

The scholar’s fiance gets engaged to the scholar. Dan Feng asked the scholar’s fiance why did she and the scholar failed to get married three times. The scholar’s fiance said just jealous a few times. Dan Feng asked the scholar’s fiance if she’s not afraid she will fail to get married again. The scholar’s fiance said she has to marry the scholar. Dan Feng said perhaps the scholar may change his heart. The scholar’s fiance said if the scholar changes his heart, she will kill him. She believes the scholar loves her. Dan Feng asked the scholar’s fiance what if the scholar becomes someone else. The scholar’s wife said there’s no such thing and she will kill herself.

Lu Lang drinks with the scholar. Lu Lang told the scholar if something happens to them then they will part. The scholar asked Lu Lang if he leaves this world, who would he miss. Lu Lang said Dan Feng. Lu Lang asked the scholar who would he miss the most. The scholar said his mother. Lu Lang told the scholar if he dies, he will take care of his mother. The scholar said if he dies, then his fiance will die with him. The scholar siad if he can’t marry his fiance, he will be a monk. If she can’t marry him, she will be a nun. Lu Lan told Dan Feng on the wedding day, he will borrow the scholar’s body. Lu Lang thought of Dan Feng. The scholar happily wonder if he will have a boy or a girl. The scholar told Lu Lang his son can marry his daughter.


Dan Feng told Lu Lang after they get married, they will have kids. Lu Lang doesn’t really want to break up The scholar and his fiance for him. Lu Lang said he’ll just let fate decides for them. Dan Feng said the scholar will eventually die. Dan Feng suggests Lu Lang to prevent the scholar to marry his fiance so he doesn’t have to die. Dan Feng pretends to suicide. Lu Lang told the scholar that Dan Feng fell for him and wants to suicide. Dan Feng got mad at the scholar for not kicking the sedan chair. The maid told the scholar’s fiance that the scholar came to save Dan Feng. Dan Feng pretends to cry and want to jump on the sea. Dan Feng asked the scholar how does she treat her like. Dan Feng she doesn’t want him to get married. The scholar’s fiance stabbed her fiance with a knife. The guardians asked Lu Lang to borrow the scholar’s body. Lu Lang used his power and pushed the scholar back to his body. The fiance was about to stab himself; the scholar grabbed her hands.

The scholar appreciates Dan Feng’s love for him but he only loves his fiance. The scholar wishes Lu Lang and Dan Feng happiness. The scholar bids farewell to Lu Lang. The scholar’s wife bids farewell to Dan Feng. The scholar and his wife said they will cherish this love after getting back alive from the death. Dan Feng tripped. The scholar helped her. The scholar’s wife yelled at the scholar. Dan Feng cried and leaned on Lu Lang and wants to stay with him. Lu Lang and Dan Feng gets married. Dan Feng gets married to Lu Lang. Dan Feng drinks poisonous wine. The guardian used his power and broke the glass of wine. The guardian said Lu Lang isn’t a ghost if she dies, she won’t meet him. Dan Feng asked the guardian to give Lu Lang a second chance to reincarnate. The guardian told Lu Lang he can reincarnate in the bandit whom killed him.


The bandit beat up an old store owner. Lu Lang possessed the old man’s body and beat up the bandit. Lu Lang said she hates that bandit or else they wouldn’t been separated. Lu Lang disguised into the bandit and stole a pack of gold. Lu Lang wakes up the elder boss. The guards arrested the bandit. The bandit’s son who is ill begged the guards not to arrest his father. His father beat up the doctor because he conned his money and didn’t treat him. Lu Lang watches the bandit’s son cry. Lu Lang regrets it. Lu Lang poured a bowl of water to the bandit’s son. The bandit’s son told Lu Lang that his father robbed a man and accidentally killed him. He feels guilty and placed his tablet here. His father drew some paintings and reminded him to marry Dan Feng and take care of her. The bandit’s son told Dan Feng he misses his father and want to see him. Dan Feng visited the bandit in the prison. The bandit cried and told his son he can’t take care him anymore and he promised he won’t rob anymore. The bandit asked Dan Feng to take care his son for him. The bandit thanked and bowed.



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