Dark Tales 2 episode 20 recap

Dan Feng told Lu Lang that the guardian knew the bandit’s son is weak so he let him use his body. Lu Lang found the bandit’s son pitiful. Dan Feng said he can wait till the bandit’s son turned older then he can marry her. At the court, the magistrate found the gold turned into bricks. The store owner said the gold were placed back. The official announced the magistrate not guilty. The bandit’s son pray in front of Lu Lang’s tablet. The bandit told Lu Lang that if he can help his son to be healthy, he is willing to switch his life. The bandit tried to kill himself with a knife but the knife pushed back. The bandit saw Lu Lang and got scared and dropped the bottl of wine. The bandit’s son fainted. Lu Lang heal the bandit’s son. The bandit’s son told the bandit he’s upset that the wine bottle is broken. Lu Lang told the bandit that after he stabbed him. A person saved him and taught him martial arts. The bandit begs Lu Lang to save his son. The bandit said his son have this illness. He and his son made the wine together but now it’s gone. Dan Feng told Lu Lang he should be filial to the bandit to make up for him. Lu Lang helps the bandit’s son making wine. Dan Feng chopped the woods.


The bandit smiled seeing the bottle of wine. The bandit’s son fainted. Lu Lang tries to save the bandit’s son but couldn’t. The bandit carried his son to the doctor. The bandit begged the doctor to save his son. The bandit carried his son to watch the stars. The bandit’s son told the bandit he doesn’t need to worry about him. He will meet his mother. The big star is his mother; the little star is him. When he misses him, he can watch the stars. He will find a place for him to die. Then when he dies, the three stars can be together. Lu Lang told Dan Feng that the bandit’s so can’t die. Lu Lang asked the guardian where’s the bandit’s son candle. The guardian said he can’t turn back his fate. Lu Lang said he will turn off all the candles. The guardian asked Lu Lang if he knows some of the candles belong to the evil demons. Lu Lang asked the guardian which candle belongs to the bandit’s son. Lu Lang threw the red envelope on the guardian. Lu Lang tied up the bandit’s son with a chain and asked the bandit and Dan Feng to help him pull it. It’s past the time. The bandit’s son wake up. The guardian told Lu Lang that he turned on the candle. The next morning, Lu Lang’s body will vanish.


Dan Feng cried and hugged Lu Lang. Lu Lang told Dan Feng that perhaps he may reincarnate again. He will sing to let her know. The guardian took Lu Lang away. Dan Feng grieve about Lu Lang. The judge punished the guardian to be 3 ranks down the hell and cut his post. The judge punished Lu Lang in prison and wait till his soul vanishes. Dan Feng’ father told the villagers that Lu Lang opened the fene when they house got in fire. The scholar and his fiance speak up for him. The bandit speaks up for him. The cloudy sparrow possessed Dan Feng’s body and gave them an advice of four words. On the either of april, Lu Lang will return. Lu Lang will return on the boat by the sea. The captain’s son asked the captain why is there three dots on the map. The guardian got released. Lu Lang got another chance to reincarnate.

Dan Feng rode the canoe searching for Lu Lang. Dan Feng came on the heaven. The guardian told Lu Lang he has to possess Dan Feng’s body. Lu Lang pushes Dan Feng and told the guardian even if he has to die he can’t let Dan Feng die. Dan Feng cried. Lu Lang told Dan Feng to not be sad. Although he will vanish, he will still have her in his heart. Dan Feng plans to be a nun. The rich man got drowned down the sea. Lu Lang got reincarnated and asked Dan Feng to marry her. Lu Lang told Dan Feng to kiss him. Lu Lang chased Dan Feng and sang the song. Lu Lang told Dan Feng even if she is a cat or dog, he will still love her. Lu Lang showed Dan Feng the red string pendant. Lu Lang said the cloudy sparrow brought his soul back and see the man wanted to die so she put his soul in the man’s body. The guardian waved at Lu Lang and Dan Feng during their wedding.




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