Dark Tales 2 episode 22 recap

The doctor told Shao Yu that Shi Si’s pulse is hard to know what it is. Shao Yu stood in front of the prince’s house requesting to see the red rose but the guards drove him out. Shao Yu crawled through the whole in the wall and eavesdrop on the servant placing the red rose. Shao Yu tried to get his red rose. The servants punched Shao Yu and dragged him out. Shi Si told Shao Yu that he went to the prince’s mansion to get the rose. Shi Si wants to go to the prince’s mansion to get the rose. Shi Si said without the red rose, she will die. The prince saw the red rose withered. Shao Yu confronted the prince for not knowing how to plant the rose. The servant beat Shao Yu up. Shao Yu told the prince he had a dream of seeing the red rose. After seeing the rose on the mountain, he couldn’t forget it. Shao Yu asked the prince if he can take the rose home to take care of it.


Shao Yu brought the red rose to Shi Si. Shi Si told Shao Yu to use the five colored soil and the water from the mountain to make the rose alive again. Shao Yu watered the red rose. Shi Si came in the red rose during the night. Shi Si thanked Shao Yu for saving her. Shao Yu didn’t see the red rose. Shi Si told Shao Yu perhaps the red rose came back to her place. He loves rose, it doesn’t mean he has to possess it. Shi Si told Shao Yu that the flower goddess told her that the flower is alive. Shao Yu wished she could talk to flowers.


The demon absorbed the rock and turned younger The bees snatched the rock. The demon chased the bee. The flower queen asked the demon to give back the rock. The flower princess asked the demon where’s Shi Si. The demon said she heard the red flower is in the prince’s mansion but rock been stolen by the king bee. The flower princess fought with the king bee and chased him. At the prince’s court, the bee king told the flower princess he came to return the rock to her. The king bee slapped the flower princess and took back the rock. The prince’s eunuch fought with the king bee. The king bee left. The prince brought the flower princess in the room.

Shi Si showed Shao Yu the pot of flowers. Shao Yu said though those flowers are pretty but not as pretty as the red rose just like when you only love one person. Shao Yu stared at Shi Si and apologized that she reminded him of the red rose. The demon told Shi Si that the rock has been stolen by the king bee. The flower queen fought with the king bee. Shi Si bowed in front of the flower queen.

The flower princess greeted the prince and said the king bee kidnapped her here. The prince doubted why the king bee is in his mansion. The flower queen greeted the prince. The prince stared at Shi Si. The flower queen gave the prince the rock which can restore her youthness. She asked him to keep it for three years. Shi Si bids farewell to Shao Yu. She gave him a perfume. Shao Yu gave her his jade.


The flower princess teased Shi Si of having a crush on Shao Yu. Shao Yu wakes up and saw the rose painting turned into Shi Si. Shao Yu said the red rose showed him Shi Si on the painting. He has a feeling if he came to the mountain he will see Shi Si again. Shi Si looked at Shao Yu on the mirror. Shao Yu came to the mountain and found the red rose. The red rose flew on the water. Shao Yu tripped down the waterfall. The flower spirit picked up Shao Yu and did breathe on him. Shi Si worried about Shao Yu. The flower spirits greeted Shao Yu. Shao Yu’s servant told Shao Yu he has adopted the flower spirit as his goddaughter and her background is pitiful. Shao Yu lets the flower spirit stay in his house.



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