Smart Kid episode 20 recap

Dicky misses Nie Yuan. Li Bing Bing’s father is getting married to his fiance. Li Bing Bing got mad and promised He Mei Tian she will buy a big present for her stepmother. During Li Bing Bing’s father’s wedding, the music teacher exhanges one tael with Dicky. Li Bing Bing’s stepmother’s brothers couldn’t make it and send him wedding gifts. Li Bing Bing’s father gave the stepmother a goddess sculpture. Li BingBing’s ather saw the broken sculpture and asked Li Bing Bing if she has broken it. He told her to go to her room. Li Bing Bing told his father if he didn’t like her then he shouldn’t have given birth to her. Li Bing Bing asked his father if he ever gave a gift to his mother. He married his stepmother for money. Li Bing Bing told her stepmother she feels pity for her for being used. If she was her, she would have hit her head on the wall. Li Bing Bing’s father slapped Li Bing Bing and asked her to leave. Li Bing Bing said she was born an orphan and she will die for her.


Dicky believes Li Bing Bing will be coming back home in a few days. The scholar told Dicky he never seen Li Bing Bing that mad. A scholar said she may go to the forest. Dicky looked at the earrings and thought of Li Bing Bing.

Li Bing Bing’s father visits Li Bing Bing’s mother’s grave. Li Bing Bing’s father drinks at the restaurant and tripped and broke the vase. The monk told Dicky that Li Bing Bing’s father doesn’t want a son. Li Bing Bing stood on the cliff and cried that her father has never slapped her but he slapped her for her stepmother. Dicky told Li Bing Bing she only has a small anxiety and already wanted to die. Li Bing Bing tripped. Dicky jumped and hugged her. Dicky carries Li Bing Bing and did a cpr for her. Li Bing Bing slapped him. Dicky pretends to about to slap Li Bing Bing and said she doesn’t know the story behind her parent’s relationship. Her stepmother doesn’t want to have children for her and her father worked in the school for her. Dicky told Li Bing Bing he envies her fighting with her father since he didn’t have a father.


Li Bing Bing ate fish and Dicky said he never seen a pretty girl eating so much. Dicky told Li Bing Bing that his mother sold flower teas and sold him to the temple. Li Bing Bing told Dicky the meaning of her name. Li Bing Bing told Dicky he only likes to be silly. Dicky told Li Bing Bing he took his mother’s last name. Dicky told Li Bing Bing his full name. Li Bing Bing laughed at Dicky’s name. Li Bing Bing and Dicky search for a way out of the forest. They saw a flower tea plant. Li Bing Bing tripped down some skulls. Dicky feels poor that no one visited them. Dicky and Li Bing Bing bury the skull. Dicky told Li Bing Bing he never seen a pretty and kind girl like her. The music teacher told He Mei Tian he knows she’s in the middle of his family problems. Why don’t she gives him a chance. Li Bing Bing and Dicky left the forest and told Dicky it’s fate they could get out. Li Bing Bing found her earring on Dicky.


Dicky piggyback Li Bing Bing. Li Bing Bing asked Dicky if he belives she didn’t break the sculpture. Li Bing BIng asked Dicky why didn’t he slap her. Dicky said if he slaps her, he needs to take care of her. Li Bing Bing told Dicky he is piggy back her. Dicky turned around and said he can just put her down. Dicky piggyback Li Bing Bing to her house. Li Bing Bing told his father and stepmother she has returned home. Dicky went to study and said she won’t have time to eat. Li Bing Bing’s stepmother cried. Li Bing Bing’s father told Dicky that Li Bing Bing’s attitute has changed ever since she went home. The monk found a jade on Dicky. The monk told Dicky they have to return to the palace since the person that the majesty is searching has this jade.



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