Dark Tales 2 episode 24 recap

Shao You matches the jade and realizes Shi Si is the scholar. The flower spirit confronts Shi Si of breaking the rule. Shi Si told the flower spirit she regrets of letting her stay here. Shao You told Shi Si to stay in the garden. He picked up the jade and said the jade matches his jade. Shao You teased Shi Si how did the jade ended up here. He remebered he gave it to his lover. Shi Si said there are plenty of similar jade. Shao You said perhaps he misses his lover. And why would his lover avoid him. Shao You gave Shi Si the jade and said they are brothers. Shao You invited Shi Si to watched the moon tonight at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Shi Si held Shao Yu’s hand and recited poem and drink tea. Shao Yu told Shi Si if two people are honest, why do they have hide for each other. Shi Si said they should drink and forget about their anxiety. The flower spirit breathe on Shao You. Shi Si told the flower spirit she won’t spare him if she harms him. Shi Si fights with the flower spirit.


Shao You wakes up. Shi Si told Shao You she is the goddess flower. Shi Si told Shao Yu that when he search for the rose, she won’t find her. Shi Si told Shao You it is against god for them to fall in love. If they are friends, they can be together for thirty years but if they get married, they can only be with each other for three years. Shao You told Shi Si he will cherish this friend. Shao You told Shi Si that its is the joy of life to stay with her and the rose. The king bee caught the flower spirit. Shao You plays with Shi Si. Shi Si plays the flute. A pack of bees came. Shi Si fought with the king bee. Shao You ran with the red rose. The flower spirit transformed back to herself. Shi Si fought with the flower spirit. The king bee grabbed Shao You. The king bee fought with Shi Si. The bee’s honey spilled on the flower spirit. The flower spirit and the king bee got stuck in the honey. Shi Si got injured and leaned on Shao You and told him to take her to the sea. Shao You piggyback Shi Si to the spa in the cave. Shi Si drank water. Shao You held Shi Si’s hand and said she will be fine. Shao You kisses Shi Si and married her. Shi Si told Shao You they are fated to be together. Even if there’s karma, they won’t regret. The thunder stroke as they got married.


Three years later, people congratulates Shao You and Shi Si ad brought presents. The flowers visited Shi Si and said the princess got punished for not going down to the earth. The flowers gave Shi Si a jade to protect her. A master drank wine and seduced Shi Si. Shao You drinks. Shi Si told Shao You to stop seeing the master since he tried to seduce her. Shao You told Shi Si that the master was just drunk. Shao You doens’t believe in love generation since they are doing well. Shao You called the red rose. Shi Si showed Shao You the new hat she sewed for him. The bee king seduced the master’s wife energy and sucked her energy. The master flirted with the maid and the maid yelled. The master asked his wife why does she looks frail. She said he went away so she’s frail.


Shi Si watches the king bee talking to Shao You in the mirror. The king bee took Shao You in the room. The master tries to rape the maid. The master’s wife slapped her maid. The maid fell on the vase and died. The king bee told the master and his wife to leave. The king bee took the jade from Shao You. The guard arrested Shao You. The guard gave Shao You a dead sentence. The god knight prevented Shi Si to visit Shao You. The flowers told Shi Si to let fate decides Shao’s ending. Shi Si checked on the master and his wife died from poisoning.



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