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Smart Kid episode 23 recap

Li Bing Bing dreamed of Nie Yuan giving her jewelries as the majesty. The monk search for his wife and his son. Some soldiers ran to the palaece. Li Bing Bing heard rumors about fighting for the thrones. The emperor is ill and almost passed away. Shen Xiao Hai plans to help Nie Yuan to be the emperor then overthrow him. At the court, the majesty gave Shen Xiao Hai a sword and asked him to kill himself. The majesty said Shen Xiao Hai plans to gather troop and rebel. The official speaks up for Shen Xiao Hai. The majesty ordered Shen Xiao Hai for execution and his family being banished. The four princes and Nie Yuan speaks up for Shen Xiao Hai. The majesty told Nie Yuan if something happens to him in the future, he must take care.

Shen Xiao is impressed of the majesty protecting Nie Yuan by sacrificing his name. The majesty wants the people to owe Nie Yuan a favor and if he rebels, then Nie Yuan can punish him. Shen Xiao Hai has confidence he will win.


Dicky hugged his mother. Li Bing Bing yelled at Dicky’s mother for touching Dicky. Dicky told Li Bing Bing this is his mother. The monk stared at Dicky’s mother and found him familiar. Dicky’s mother recited a poem. Dicky told his mother it seems the majesty wants him his lover who was dead. The majesty is good to him and he feels sorry seeing him being ill. Dicky’s mother told Dicky that working in the palace is dangerous. He doesn’t have to be a monk anymore.

The eunuch told Dicky to come in the palace under the majesty’s request. Dicky told the majesty some riddles. The majesty told Dicky he doesn’t have much time. The majesty promotes Dicky as the first ranked offiicial. The majesty bled his nose. The majesty is ill and almost passed away. Ha Sang thrilled brought the troops. Nie Yuan greeted the majesty. The majesty told Nie Yuan he has to take suceed him after he dies. He knows he his kind but sometimes being kind is also a flaw to the people. For the good of the people, he has to sacrifice something. It is also a way to conqure the world. Ha Sang ordered Dicky for execution. Dicky asked Ha Sang if he wants to rebel. The majesty summit Dicky. The majesty told Dicky everyone has their age limit to die so don’t grieve too much. He has a few wishes he wants Dicky to fulfil. The majesty told Dicky he can’t figure out what 13579 is. Dicky apologized he was just joking. Dicky said he just remember that it means he is a good majesty since it is all made of odd numbers. The majesty said he may be a good emperor but he is not a good father. Dicky apologized to the majesty he hasn’t accomplished his mission. The majesty said he vowed after he knows the answer, he will see his son. The majesty requested Dicky to help Nie Yuan to be the majesty. He has a good feeling Dicky can manage Nie Yuan. The majesty read the poem on Dicky’s handkerchief and told him he has to leave to a faraway place. The majesty apologized to Dicky and called him his filial son. The majesty passed way. The official read the edict that he’s giving the troops for Dicky to handle.


Shen Xiao Hai said though Nie Yuan is very smart but he can’t do anything in three months. But we don’t know what motive Dicky has. Dicky can help Nie Yuan to be the majesty. Shen Xiao Hai ordered the two assassins to investigate Dicky’s background.

Dicky wondered if the majesty is dead. Though he only met him a few times, but their feelings are mutual. Li Bing Bing soaked in the rain with Dicky.


Nie Yuan becomes the majesty. Dicky checks up his land and court and gets ready to be the official.


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Dark Tales 2 episode 32 recap

Sang Siao takes Lian Siang out of the house. The monks told Sang Siao that Lian Siang is a demon. Sang Siao held the box of light warned the monks to not harm anyone. Sang Siao and Lian Siang ran to the woods. Lian Siang told Sang Siao to leave. Sang Siao took Lian Siang to the house and left. The monk fought wit hLian Siang. The monk was about to kill Lian Siang. Lian Siang brother barged in and fought with the monk. Lian Siang and her brother fought with the monk. The monk left. The monk injured and called Sang Siao. The monk used his power to create some rocks and the rocks burst out light pushing out Sang Siao and her brother. The monks generate energy in the rock. The monk told Sang Siao that the demon wants to steal the manuel. Sang Siao asked the monk where’s the manuel. The monk told Sang Siao to close his eyes. The monk told Sang Siao in his mind where’s the manuel is and he told him to tell the god about it. The monk told Sang Siao his last line that the goddess l will help him. The monk passed away. Chiu Rong killed two demons.


Lian Siang ran and pretended to cry. Lian Sang told Sang Siao she saw the monks got killed by the demon. Sang Siao told Lian Sang that the demons came to fight for the manuel. The monk didn’t tell him where the manuel is. Lian Sang’s brother plans to kill Sang Siao after he possess the manuel. Lian Sang pretend to feel weak and asked Sang Siao to help her up. She seduced him by looking in his eyes. Sang Siao gave Lian Sang a cup of tea. Lian Siang told Sang Siao to blow up some sand in her eyes. Sang Siao closed his eyes and blow. Lian Siang hypnotized Sang Siao. Lian Siang asked Sang Siao where’s the manuel. Lian Siang doubted the monk is tricking them. Lian Siang’s brother told Lian Siang to pretends to marry Sang Siao while he comes to the temple. Sang Siao wakes up and read a letter from Lian Siang. Lian Siang wants to suicide down the hill and told Sang Siao she has a dream of being swallowed by the demon. Lian Siang tripped down the hill down the stream. Sang Siao tried to pull her up with a belt and he fell down along with her. Sang Siao tripped and kissed Lian Siang. Lian Siang told Sang Siao she’s afraid if she went back to her hometown, she already got eaten by the demons. Lian Siang blurted out her name and said her fate is miserable. Sang Siao happily knowing her name and realizes the monk told him she will help him. Sang Siao told Lian Siang to go with her to the mountain. Sang Siao screamed seeing a snake. Lian Siang freaked out. Lian Siang’s brother told Lian Siang to work hard seducing Sang Siao.


Lian Siang’s brother used his power and pushed Sang Siao and Lian Siang down the hill. Sang Siao kissed Lian Siang. Sang Siao gave Lian Siang her clothes. Sang Siao piggyback Lian Siang. Lian Siang’s brother disguised into an elder man invited San Siao to the deserted house. Lian Siang’s brother warned Lian Siang to finish her task tonight. Sian Siao was about to made out with Lian Siang but opened his eyes and left the room. Sang Siao looked at his handkerchief and remembered his mother told him to marry his fiance after he finishes the scholar exam. Chiu Rong told Sian Sao she needs to take him away since there are demons. Chiu Rong fights with Lian Siang’s brother. Chiu Rong disguised into Siang Siao. Lian Siang’s brothre followed Chiu Rong. Chiu Rong told Sian Siao that the monks told her he’s gone so she followed him here. Sang Siao returns to the house to find Lian Sang. Sang Siao and Chiu Rong got caught by the net. Lian Sang’s brother fought with Chiu Rong and left. Chiu Rong puts on wet papers on Siang Siao. Chiu Rong breathe out the poison out of Siang Siao’s mouth.



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Rural Hero episode 13 recap

Jessica’s father yelled at Jackie for ruining the immigrant’s home. The servant ignored Jackie when he asked for some sandwiches and eggs at the restaurant. A customer made fun of Jackie as Bao Zheng. Jessica told Jackie that the immigrants are pitiful. Jackie gave Jessica then thousand dollars to give to them. Poon told Jackie that one day they will understand. Jessica asked Jackie if he has a chance to be back with Poon. Jackie told Jessica that Poon and him doesn’t match. Jackie told Jessica not to bug in his business.

Fiona yelled at Roger’s brother that he will have karma for playing the girls. Jackie’s colleague teaches Jessica’s mother a kungfu to lessen her backache. Jessica’s father looked at them and got jealous. Roger told Jessica’s father he has to trust his wife. Roger reminded Jessica’s father she must be careful when talking to Jackie’s colleague. Jessica’s mother ran away from Jackie’s colleague and she tripped.Jackie’s colleague gave Jessica’s mother a medicine. Jackie’s colleague grabbed Jessica’s mother. Jessica’s father saw them and hit Jackie’s colleague with a broom and Jessica’s mother got hit. Jessica’s father accused Jackie’s colleague of having an affair with Jessica’s mother. Jessica’s mother left and cried. Jessica’s mother jumped in the sea. Roger jumped down and picked up Jessica’s mother. Jessica’s mother said she should have died twenty years ago. Jessica’s father raped Jessica’s mother and married her. Jessica’s mother cried and said she has the title of being a slut and never was happy. Roger came home and told Jessica’s father that Jessica’s mother asked Jackie’s colleague for some medicine for him. Roger told Jessica’s father that he’s the jerk one.


Roger punched the punching back and blamed himself for wronged Jessica’s mother. Jessica told her stepmother to leave so her father can think about his mistake. Jackie’s colleagues sat from another table from Jackie and ordered food at the restaurant. Jackie’s other colleagues teased Jackie’s colleague if he came here to eat or to wait for Jessica’s mother. Jackie told his colleague that his colleagues were just joking. Jackie told his colleague that he knows if he is innocent. Jessica told Poon she will work hard so her father won’t criticize her.

Jessica asked a teacher for an interview but he left. Jessica told the taxi driver to follow the teacher. Jackie saw Jessica arguing with the teacher. The teacher showed Jessica he can’t accept interview about inappropriate gossips. The teacher showed Jessica about a news about victim in the hospital. Jessica got pissed she stayed up two nights reading the case. Jackie told Jessica that her journalist firm offended many people. Jackie told Jessica he feels she needs to use her rules to not hurt anyone. Jessica told Jackie that his father work abroad and she thought he would be open minded but he turns out like him.

Some triad came in the firm and chopped a journalist’s left arm. Jessica couldn’t remember the triad’s face. Jackie took Jessica to eat. Jessica said she saw the journalist getting his arm chopped. Jackie told Jessica her firm offended many people. Jessica said they don’t need to chop his arm. They can just sue them if they don’t like it. Jessica has confident she can recognize the triad.


Jessica’s father yelled at Jessica for being a journalist. Jessica’s mother called Jessica if she’s fine. Roger’s brother picked up the bag of food for his mother and told him to go home. Jessica’s other told Roger’s brother to take care of himself. Roger sat on the beach and thought of his mother teach him playing the harmonica. Roger’s mother asked Roger to play the harmonica one more time. Roger’s mother passed away. Roger played the harmonica on the beach. Poon puts her sister on the beach. Poon’s sister heard Roger plays the song and walked toward Roger. Poon’s sister mumbles the melody. Roger plays the song. Roger told Poon’s sister that he was miserable after his father left him, at least she has a sister who takes care of her. Poon’s sister looked at the box of star and cried that she couldn’t believe her sister feels better after hearing Roger’s song. A triad threw red paint on Jessica. Jessica’s father yelled at Jessica for pointing out the triad to the cops. Roger puts on music for Poon’s sister. Jackie asked Roger about his family.

Someone burnt the restaurant. Jackie piggyback the ladyboss out of the restaurant. Roger looked at Jackie in the eye and recognize him as the cop who killed his buddy.


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Dark Tales 2 episode 31 recap

While the elder monk pray. A frog jumped in a monk’s shirt and distracted the monks. Sang Siao spoke up from the monk that this is the new era and the monk shouldn’t be punished for the past ear. The elder monk saw some light. Sang Siao knocked on the elder monk and wished the elder monk death. Sang Siao had a dream of seeing a lotus flower. Sang Siao sneaked in the temple during the night and saw the lotus flower. The monk couldn’t see it. Sang Siao doubted he could see it because he has the power from the previous era. Sang Siao picked up the lotus flower on the pond while the monks are prayer. The light shone and dragged Sang Siao in the cave. The eldest monk picked up the flower and shone the light toward Sang Siao. Two ape demons climbed on the trees. The eldest monk told the elder monk he has transferred his martial arts to Sang Siao. The eldest monk told the elder monk that Sang Siao has to go to some temple to find a god to give him his full energy. The eldest monk passed away.


Sang Siao wakes up. The elder monk told Sang Siao he’s kicking him out of the temple. The elder monk told Sang Siao there will be demons invading the temple tomorrow. The future depends on Sang Siao. Sang Siao needs to come to the temple to find the god to prevent destruction.of the world. While taking a bath, Sang Siao asked the monk if he sees any word on his back. The demons fought with the monks. Lian Siang played the flute causing dizziness for the dmeons. Lian Sang fought with the dmeons. Lian Sang’s brother tries to enter the temple but got pushed out by the spell. Lian Sang used her power on the monk breaking the spell. Sang Siao opened the door temple and saw Lian Siang. Lian Sang and her brother disguised into a grandpa entered the temple.


The elder monk told Sang Siao to not open the door even if he knocked. The elder monk told the other monk he lets the demon stay because he doen’t want them to go out and cause trouble. Sang Siao searched for the light. Lian Sang breathe through the window and left with her brother searching for the manuel. Lian Sang bumped into Sang Siao. Sang Siao thought she came to watch the moon. Sang Siao told Lian Sang that there will be demons tonight and she should just stay in her room. Lian Sang watches the monk performing the spell. Sang Siao knocked on her shoulder and told her to go to her room. Lian Sang’s brother told Lian Sang that the manuel is in the room. Lian Sang has a strange feeling that there’s no monk. Lian Sang got trapped. The monk did a speall. Lian Sang’s brother fought with the monks. Sang Siao looked at the monk and thought it was a demon in disguise. Sang Siao took Lian Sang out. Sang Siao locked the door. Sang Siao showed the bottle of ashes to Sang Lian. Sang Lian ran. Sang Siao told Lian Sanghe will open the door for her.


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When Choosing a college major…

Just a few tips I thought for people who are frustrated of what they should major in college.

1. First consider if you are introvert or extrovert. If you’re more of a person who enjoy public speaking or who prefers a more quiet environment. This is one of the important aspect. Sometimes when you’re an introvert and don’t enjoy jobs that requires many social interaction.

2. Volunteer in some of the career related major like in an office setting or in a company to see if you like it. Sometimes schoolwork is not what the real work is like.

3. Find out your passion of what you like to do.

4. Find your skillset of what you can do. Sometimes what you like is not what you can do. For example, you may like drawing for a hobby but you don’t think you can draw cartoon for a living.

5. If it will pays the bill. See if you make a living out of that.

Hope that is helpful. What other tips would you give for others who are undecided on what to major in?

❤ Jac!

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Smart Kid episode 22 recap

The scholar takes their final exam. They threw books at Li Bing Bing. Li Bing Bing chased them. The monk told Dicky he feels sad everytime the term ends because the students leave the library. The teacher looked at the exam scores. Li Bing Bing wrote the word exam on the tree and asked Dicky to guess. Dicky asked the scholars if they passed the exam. The scholars all said they passed the exam. The scholars threw Dicky and told Dicky only he cares for them. The scholars thanked the Dicky. Dicky told the scholars that from now on, they have to work hard for their future. The scholars threw the other teachers.

Dicky returned the silver to the monk. The monk said he has forgotten. Dicky told the monk to go to the doctor with him. Dicky dipped congee to the monk. The monk held the bowl afraid he will forgot he will go to the toilet. The monk told Dicky he has a son before he became a monk. His son admires him and promise to drink with him. He doesn’t know where his son is. After he returned from winning the war, his wife took his son away. The monk told Dicky to help him remember his son. The monk told Dicky sometimes he consider him as his son. Dicky told the monk sometimes he consider him as his father. Dicky told the monk to come with him to the palace to find his son.


The scholars left school to their hometown. The teacher told Dicky he doesn’t bear to leave him. Dicky told the teacher he also did a mistake to him. Dicky whispered to the teacher he gave him the nickname. The principal asked Dicky about he finds it fishy that he was introduced to this school. Dicky told the principal the first time he met him he found his weird that he could expand this library. The principal told Dicky to work hard. Every step is hard. Dicky looked at the desks in the classrooms and thought of the scholars. The scholars returned to their desks and want Dicky to teach them the last lesson before they moves on to real world. Dicky told the scholars he doesn’t bear to leave the library. They passed the exam but it doesn’t have anything to do with him; it’s based on their confidence. Dicky told the scholars that even if they are poor or rich, he hopes they will cherish this time they used to laugh and cry together. It will be alright without him or without them. The scholars told Dicky he will always be their teacher. They promised Dicky twenty years later they will drink with him.

Feng Jie gave a back of food for Dicky and asked him to look for news of Nie Yuan for her. Li Bing Bing told Dicky his bald head is hard in the eye, it’s better if he has hair. The scholars bids farewell to Dicky.He Mei Tian told the music teacher, nothing is as important as this thing. The music teacher held He Mei Tian’s hands.


Dicky and the monk greeted the majesty and apologized for not finding the flower teas. The majesty asked Dicky a favor to remind the royal prince for him. Dicky saw Nie Yuan greeting the majesty as the royal prince. Dicky told the monk that he told him that Nie Yuan isn’t a normal person.After Nie Yuan came in the library, the monk stopped has a headache. The majesty thanked Dicky for helping Nie Yuan having more confidence. Nie Yuan asked Dicky to help him with the schemes in the palace. Dicky walked away and told Nie Yuan to not forget about what he said about bringing Feng Jie in the palace.


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Smart Kid episode 21 recap

Dicky asked the monk which lady planted the tea flowers. The monk said the more secret he knows, the more he will be in danger. The monk told Dicky twenty years ago, he and the majesty’s eunuch hid from the rain in a house. The lady owner of the house loves planting flower teas. The majesty fell in love with tea flowers because of her. The Empress Dowager burnt the tea flower house killing more than two hundred villagers. The tea flower lady was a widow so the empress dowager didn’t let the majesty marry her. Dicky said just because of this small incident that caused many innocent death. The monk said the tea flower lady cherish the jade from the majesty, if the jade isn’t found then that means she is dead.

The sixth prince Ha Sang came to the school and told Dicky that it is up to him if he will die. The captain pointed a sword at Dicky. Ha Sang told Dicky and the scholars to stay still. The captain told the principal he wants to see Nie Yuan to lead him back to the majesty. The Ha Sang asked the principal about the book he published. The captain told the principal to finish his book or he’ll be beheaded. Dicky told Ha Sang he moved because he bet with the guards if he can jump higher than the mountain, then he can move. Ha Sang told Dicky to jump higher than the mountain or he’ll be beheaded. Dicky jumped. The captain ordered he guards to behead him. Dicky said he did jump and it was a riddle by the majesty. The captain told Dicky one day he’ll land in his hands. He Mei Tian and the music teacher and the scholars stack up the books. The principal gave Ha Sang the book Ha Sang told Dicky he has a feeling they will meet again and he needs to take care.


The principal told the scholars to leave the library by tonight since he made a mistake when he wrote the book. The principal told everyone to leave and let him take up the crime since. He has family here and can’t leave this town. The scholars looked around the classroom and don’t bear to leave. Dicky told the music teacher he can’t do anything unless there’s a miracle. The music teacher is wait for Dicky’s miracle. The music teacher is willing to stay in the library. The music teacher told Dicky he’s naive since he is young. He doesn’t wait till he’s old to be naive. Doesn’t matter if if he’s staying for the the library or He Mei Tian. The scholars left to their hometown. The teacher stays with the principal and said the library is his life. The scholars stay with the principal and said they are forever the students of this library. Dicky told the scholars they need to find a way to solve this problem. Dicky thought of a risky way to solve this problem or he’ll be beheaded. The scholars and the monk dressed up as the guards. The monk told the guards a story. The other two scholars told some stories and the guards laughed. Once of the scholars pretend to lose a gold and told the guard. The guard left to find the gold. The two scholars put some sleeping powders in the kitchen food.

The guards fainted from eating the food. Li Bing Bing and He Mei Tian cooked new dishes. Dicky and the scholars organized the books and placed the soldiers with Ha Sang. Ha Sang and the soldiers thought they’ve been played by ghost and left the town. The scholars cheer. The teacher is impressed at Dicky. Dicky teased the music teacher of rubbing his knee. He Mei Tian rubbed ointment on the music teacher and said Dicky and the scholars came to help him. The music teacher told He Mei Tian that love can’t be help. He owes her and don’t want her to sacrifice and just want her to be happy. He Mei Tian looked at the bowl of ten taels tha the music teacher collected. He Mei Tian put taels for the music teacher in the box. The music teacher tripped on He Mei Tian. He Mei Tian hugged the music teacher.