Dark Tales 2 episode 25 recap

Shi Si heard from people that only beautiful concubines can see the prince. Shi Si visited Shao You and apologized for going to the earth and marrying him causing three years of bad luck. Shao You said those three years are his happiest year and he doesn’t regret if he gets executed. He loves her til death. Shi Si said she should take the karma since she fell in love. Shao You doesn’t mind dying after falling for his flower. He wishes in his next lifetime she would go back to heaven. Shi Si told Shao You she won’t let him die. Shao You wakes up from his dream. Shao You’s servant told Shao You Shi Si will not visit him again. The servant told Shao You that Shi Si is participating to be a concubines. The servant tried to prevent the guards from letting Shi Si from becoming a concubine. The eunuch drove the servants out. The maids gossiped about Shi Si.

Shi Si looked at the judge the flower spirit. The king bee transformed back to himself. The flower spirit and the king bee got into one body. The flower spirit told Shi Si without her help, she can’t be with the prince. The flower spirit greeted the prince. The flower spirit told the prince he doesn’t care about her and often pray in front of the rock. The prince said the rock caused him to stay young. The flower spirit wants to see the rock. The prince told the flower spirit to talk about the concubine. The prince picked a random painting and it is a red rose.


Shi Si greeted the prince. The prince told Shi Si he met her once and she is so beautiful he couldn’t resist. Shi Si told the prince he has the aura and she is lucky to have him. Shi Si requested the prince to let her see the rock. The prince showed Shi Si the rock. The king bee breathe on the prince. King bee told Shi Si he has the rock but doesn’t have hr. The prince told King bee that the rock he has is fake. Shi Si fought with the king bee and killed him. The prince told Shi Si she is her savior but also the concubine. Shi Si requested the prince to give her the badge to save Shao You. The prince reminds Shi Si that she must rememeber she must take responsibility to be his concubine. The eunuch arrived in time with the badge during the execution scen of Shao You. People gossiped about Shi Si being a concubine. Shao You told the servant that the people mistaken Shi Si. Shao You forbids his servants to badmouth Shi Si. Shi Si visited Shao You. Shao You thought about the rumors. Shi Si told Shao You she is happy being home. She doesn’t need to return to the prince’s mansion.


Shi Si takes Shao You to the garden. Shao You said the flowers have withered. Shi Si asked Shao You to replant the flowers. Shao You said to forget the past and grow the flowers which belongs to them. Shi Si thought about King’s Bee word if she works too hard her hair will turn gray. Shi Si told Shao You she’s afraid their love won’t last long since their three years is ending. The prince gave Shao You a flower vase wishing them happiness. Shao You drinks with Shi Si. Shao You drinks. Shao You told Shi Si whatever happened they will still be husband and wife. Shi Si said they will still love each other. Shao You ran. Shao You sleeps in front of the spa Shi Si put a cape around him. Shao You wakes up and picks the jade. Shao You told Shi Si to leave. Shao You told Shi Si that she is the concubine of the prince. He now he must thank her. Shao You showed the badge to Shi Si and said she already has the prince in her heart. Shi Si asked Shao You what is he thinking. Shao You said the prince saved him for her. Shao You said he can’t stand his wife sleeping with another person and be a prince’s concubine. Shi Si said their fate has ended. Shi Si left.


Shao You visits the prince. The prince asked Shao You where’s Shi Si. Shao You said Shi Si is in the prince’s mansion. The prince told Shao You that everything that Shi Si did is for him. Shi Si wanted to save him so she and he sworn to be brother and sister. The flower queen told him to use the rock to save Shi Si. Shi Si has used all her energy to save Shao You.

Shi Si’s hair has turned gray. Shi Si told Shao You that he has disappointed her and only cares about his face. He didn’t believe her. Shao You told Shi Si even if she turns old, he will still love her. Shi Si jumped down the cliff. The prince threw the rock. Shi Si’s hair turned young. The flower queen came and told Shi Si and Shao You to pray in heaven.



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