K9 Cop episode 18 recap

Bosco went in Oscar’s house and see it a mess. Bosco told Linda he feels he should work hard to impress her mother. Linda picked up some clothes for Bosco to dress up to meet her mother. Linda brought Bosco to the restaurant and congratulates her mother for promotion. Bosco’s boss told Linda she uses Bosco to make him mad. Bosco doesn’t have a degree and stuck in being a cop. Linda said Bosco haven’t cleaned his clothes for a few weeks. Her mother never criticize anybody. Linda kisses Bosco and said Bosco is her boyfriend and it doesn’ mater if he is clean. Bosco told Linda if he can go home. Bosco told Linda she knows her mother looked down on him so she uses him to make her mother mad. Bosco feels embarrassed. Bosco said he doesn’t have a degree but he worked hard as a cop. Linda asked Bosco why does he feels embarrassed since she announced he is her boyfriend. Bosco said he knows he can’t argue with her since she has an IQ of 135.

Bosco told Linda he came to her office to bring Bahda. Linda asked Bosco how did he help Bahda stop fearing height. Bosco said he took him to the stair. Linda said it makes Bahda’s phobia worse. Linda suspects Bahda has been abused. Linda said Bahda is scared of the fan. Bosco patted on Bahda and said he needs to look in the front instead of the past. Linda asked Bosco if he wanted to tell her to look in the front instead of being mad at her mother. Bosco took Bahda and laughed.


Linda apologizes to he mother and said Bosco is right that though her mother has another lover, she is still her mother. Linda’s mother Rebeca asked Linda about thinking she has an affair. Rebeca told Linda that the student next to her father his her biological mother. Rebeca told Linda she introduced her grandpa at the hospital. Her father fell for her student. Linda’s mother wanted to give birth to her father and he left her. Her grandpa fought with Linda’s mother. Rebecca searched for Linda. Linda’s mother signed a document to hand over Linda for her to take care. Linda’s father didn’T like Rebeca’s way of teaching. She divorced him. Linda told Rebeca that she and Bosco set up a plan that she has a boyfriend for them to reunite. Linda cried and wanted to kiss Rebeca for taking care of her. Linda hugged Rebeca.

Kayi showed her friend the box of rice she made for him. Kayi’s friend twin brother rode with Kayi’s friend. Kayi’s friend told Kayi that his brother is still his brother. Kayi called Bosco that her friend’s twin picked up her friend. Bosco yelled at Kayi for hanging out with her gangster friend. Kayi’s friend’s brother told Kayi’s friend to be quiet or he may bump his car. Kayi’s friend said he knows he always cause trouble but at least he helped him this time Kayi’s friend brother stopped and told Kayi friend’s brother that he was just lucky he had the formula for the drug. Kayi’s friend’s brother said he wants him to die much more because he is useful to the triad. He won’t believe if he kills him he will lose connection.


Oscar showed Linda the work he did. Linda told Oscar she isn’t his sister but she must help him. Linda bought a new shoes for Angel’s baby. Linda told Angel that she had a friend who wants to do business with her. Angel told Linda that the businessman must be a man. She read the document. Angel complained to Tracy that she ate her cookies. Angel doubt Tracy is pregnant. Raymond saw Tracy tripped. He took off the high heel. Angel and Tracy eavesdrop on Linda and Oscar. Tracy told Angel if the businessman is Oscar. Angel asked Linda to tell the businessman to research. Oscar picked up his phone.


Kayi heard on the radio they found a car and she wonder if it’s her friend. Raymond told Bosco to investigate where Kayi’s friend is.

At the prison, Risk asked Raymond if anything happened in Tracy. He wondered why no one has alerted Tracy yet. Raymond worries. Risk told Raymond whatever he doesn’t have others can’t have. Risk told Raymond they will see each other soon. Raymond called Tracy to wait for him at the dog shelter until he picks her up. A broken car blocked Raymond on the road. Raymond helped the man pushed the car. Some men attacked Tracy. Raymond arrived and fought with the men. A man pointed a knife at Tracy. The man tied up Raymond and locked him up with a dog in the room. The dog licked the drugs on Raymond’s pants. The dog guard wakes up. Raymond told him to call the cops. Raymond told Risk to order his men to release Tracy. Risk told Raymond that Tracy has visited him. Risk told Raymond that he has never told Tracy a word but wanted the triad to believe he still hang out with Tracy. Raymond realizes Risk wanted to get the drug formula from Tracy. Raymond told Risk that Tracy doesn’t know the formula of the drug. Risk told Raymond to check his box and see if the triad sent him the finger or ears of Tracy.



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