Dark Tales 2 episode 26 recap

Da Yung fights with a metal person and complain that his wife wants him to test in martial arts but his mother doesn’t want him to. Da Yung’s wife Chin Se complained to the store owner about selling her a bad brand of candle scent . Chin Se asked the people to smell to see if it smells. Chin Se grabs a new candle scent and said if this smells then she’ll visit him again. The fabric store owner refuses to sell fabrics to Chin Se. Da Yug happily beat up the metal figure. Chin Se went home and laughed seeing her drawing. Chin Se beat up Da Yung with a stick for not worrying for her. Da Yung’s mother brought soup for him. Chin Se told Da Yung’s mother to let Da Yung find a job. Da Yung’s friend looked at the bruises on Da Yung’s arm and told him to drink with him at the brothel. The prostitute told Da Yung that his wife has to be nice to him. The prostitute followed Da Yung and asked him to give her the handkerchief. The prostitute pretends o be molested. Da Yung’s friend forced Da Yung to stamp his finger on the paper that he owes him ten thousand dollars.


Chin Se confronted Da Yung’s friend for setting up Da Yung. Da Yung’s friend showed them the paper. Chin Se told Da Yung to catch a criminal for a reward of ten thousand taels. Da Yung and Chin Se waits in the wood for the snake to catch. Da Yung suggests Chin Se to go eat. Chin Se yelled at Da Yung to catch the serpent. Three hunters scared Da Yung. The serpent came toward Da Yung. Chin Se prays for Da Yung. Da Yung fought with the serpent and fell on the demon’s cave. The demon sucked the serpent’s blood.

Dao Sheng’s master told Dao Sheng about some ghosts attacked him while he generates energy. A female demon saved him. He fell for her. He pray to repent his mistake. The female goddess got angry and gave birth to the demon Kao Ni to revenge. The master told Dao Sheng to prevent the demon from getting the pearl. The master told Dao Sheng to find someone for him. The master gave Dao Sheng a pearl necklace to give to that girl. Dao Sheng’s master passed out. The demon breathe energy from the three hunters. Chin Se search for Da Yung. The demon fought with the toad spirit and the gecko spirit. The toad spirit and gecko spirit begs the demon to spare their lives. The demon ordered them to find the pearl.


The demon dressed up as a commoner a took credit for catching the serpent. Chin Se found Da Yung. Da Yung’s friend took the Da Yung’s dagger in exchange for the debt. Chin Se’s father praises the demon for catching the serpent. Da Yung’s friend told Chin Se’s father that Da Yung has pawned the house and dagger. Chin Se’s father confronted Da Yung for having an affair. Chin Se told Da Yung’s friend to not cause trouble.

Da Yung saw a woman being robbed by two thieves and left. Dao Sheng saved the woman and told Da Yung he’s not a gentleman. Dao Sheng saw Da Yung’s friend has the dagger and said he’s the one who can defeat the demon. Da Yung’s friend told Dao Sheng that the dagger doesn’t belong to him. Da Yung’s friend took Dao Sheng to Dao Yung’s house. Dao Sheng transformed the rock into the pearl necklace and gave it to Da Yung’s friend to repay for his debt. Dao Sheng did a spell for Chin Se and gave her the pearl necklace to wear.


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