Dark Tales 2 episode 27 recap

Chin Se and her maid placed the lantern on the water. The demon saw Chin Se. The ghost flew toward Chin Se and she fell on the water. The demon saved her. Chin Se told Da Yung to practice martial arts. The demon grabbed Chin Se and flew. Dao Feng flew with Da Yung and chased the demon. Da Yung fell down. The pearl necklace on Chin Se shone and the demon left. Dao SHeng told Chin Se she can use her power to heal Da Yung. She is a goddess. Chin Se breathe on Da Yung and he wakes up. Dao Sheng told Chin Se he is thinking of a way for Da Yung to have confidence. The maids watch Dao Sheng and Da Yung and thought they had an affair. The toad spirit and Gecko spirit made medicine for the demon. The demon used power on the Gecko spirit to borrow his tail. Chin Se told Da Yung to go to the temple to pray. Chin Se told Da Yung to put candles on each tomb. Dao Sheng dressed up on the white outfit and scared Da Yung. Da Yung’s mother and her maid beat up Dao Sheng thinking he and Chin Se has an affair. Chin Se told Da Yung’s mother that she wanted Da Yung to have confidence. Da Yung’s mother told Chin Se that she has been married for three years but didn’t have any baby. She can tell Da Yung to divorce her.


Da Yung’s friend confronted Dao Sheng of giving him money turning into rocks. Da Yung competes with his friend on horse riding. Da Yung fell down the horse. The demon helped Da Yung up. The demon requested to replace Da Yung competing against Da Yung’s friend. Dao Sheng noticed a mark on the demon’s neck. Sao Sheng asked Da Yung if he has a feeling there’s something weird about the demon. The demon won the race. Chin Se invited the demon to dine with him. The demon gave Chin Se the hair pin. Chin Se rejected. The demon did a spell on Chin Se’s maid. Chin Se’s servant accepted the hairpin. Chin Se took her maid out. At the party, Chin Se whined to Da Yung that his friend’s wife wore plenty of jewleries. The demon gave a horse sculpture to Chin Se’s father as a gift. Da Yung said he didn’t bring any gift because Chin Se always buy for him. The demon used his power on Da Yung causing Da Yung to touch his friend’s wife butt. Chin Se upset leave. The demon told Chin Se that the fortune teller said she is fated to be with him. Da Yung watches the demon giving Chin Se a hairpin. The demon invited Chin Se to go canoeing with him. Da Yung told Chin Se to wear more clothes worrying it will be cold tomorrow. Chin Se got mad and left. Dao Sheng. Dao Sheng fought with the demon. Dao Sheng asked Da Yung if he’s not jealous that the demon is always with Chin Se. Dao Sheng warned Da Yung about the demon and asked him to use his dagger.


The demon requested Chin Se’s father to let him marry Chin Se. Chin Se’s father refused and said he has to follow the rule. The demon said Chin Se already accepted his wedding gift. Dao Sheng told Da Yung that Chin Se is at the canoe with the demon. Da Yung worries the canoe will shake. The demon told Chin Se that Da Yung isn’t good for her. Her father already engaged him to Chin Se. Chin Se returend the hairpin and said she hung out with him to make Da Yung mad. The demon grabbed Chin Se’s hand. Da Yung called Chin Se and said she came to pick her up. He thinks she had fun with the demon. Chin Se asked Da Yung if he isn’t jealous. The demon told Chin Se she should marry him. Chin Se told the demon to fight with the demon. Chin Se and Dao Sheng eavesdrop on Da Yung practicing martial arts. Dao Sheng threw a rock on Da Yung. Dao Sheng told Da Yung to throw a rock at his friend. Da Yung’s friend mocked Da Yung of having an affair. Da Yung slapped his friend multiple times and told him to not bully him again. Da Yung fought with the demon at the contest confidently.



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