Detailed response from my online buddies

There have been whiny asian men ranting about white actor getting privilege in Hollywood or white men stealing their asian girls.

Been chatting about this topic of how some asians bash asian women as ignorant and only date white men. Some of my online drama blogger buddies messaged me in detail paragraph thoughts to those message about race.

“Perhaps you can reply to the author that it is opinions like those that is precisely the reason why asian women is dating non Asian men.

I dont believe in compartmentalising people. Same like criticism Farah for marrying a white woman. Love is love. So does this argument apply to gay couples? Gay chinese dude can only date gay chinese dude?

It is racism but like black people they think Racism os against them and not from them. Utter rubbish. And just because I don’t date black guys doesn’t mean I am a racist or if I think some Asians as shady means I am racist. Prejudiced maybe, not racist. But article like this is racist”

On the Constance Wu story I think people are being unfair to her. She can date who she wants and doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. She gets to decide who she dates. People on reddit don’t get to decide that for her.

That guy in the blog sounds like a ticking time bomb. On the one hand, I feel bad if he hasn’t been able to find women who find him attractive (obviously that can be painful for anyone). But I don’t think he should be blaming Asian Women or White men for that. He should also realize, that happens to all kinds of people.

I do think there is prejudice against Asian people still in the US though. But the solution isn’t for white people and asian people to serrate form each other, it is for there to be more interaction between the groups.

the main cause is because of racism. it doesn’t matter if you are white, black, asian whatever, if you look at the world in terms of race, then you’re going to get pissed off by racial things. however, this article is so stupid and insulting to asian women I almost can’t believe it. essentially the article says this, “hey asian women, you don’t understand why asian men don’t like you being with non-asians, so we’ll explain it to you.” wait a second, so apparently, ALL asian men are constantly thinking about all those historical things, but asian woman have no idea? How insulting is that to asian women. This article is basically saying, “asian women are ignorant and stupid.” The people thinking about all those horrible historical injustices are not the random asian guys walking down the street. It’s the people who write articles like this.

yeah. basically, I bet there are three kinds of asian guys who don’t like to see asian girls with other races. 1) Racist asian guys, who simply don’t like other races. 2) Asian guys who have a hard time getting girls to date them and think that other races are “stealing” the asian girls. 3) People who are influenced by the above two into thinking that it’s a bad thing, but never really having a good reason for it. My response to guy #1 is: stop being racist. My response to guy #2: why don’t you worry more about being the kind of guy that girls want to date, instead of complaining about how other people. My response to guy #3: get a mind of your own


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