Dark Tales 2 episode 30 recap

Da Yung’s mother cried seeing Da Yung as a ghost. Da Yung’s friend ran and said Chin Se killed his wife. The demon disguised into Da Yung and sucked some villagers bodies. Da Yung’s friend touched the demon and sees his shadows and wonder how could he be a demon. The demon gave the villager some money to bury her daughter. Da Yung’s friend took some villagers to remove Da Yung’s tablet. The villagers beat up Chin Se and her maid. Chin Se told Da Yung’s mother she won’t let anyone bully her. Chin Se’s father told Chin Se to return home with him. Chin Se refused. Chin Se’s father told the servants to bring Chin Se home. Chin Se’s father locked Chin Se. The demon showed a cauldron to Chin Se’s father that he can catch Da Yung. Chin Se said she won’t marry the demon. Da Yung fought with the priests. The demon absorbed Da Yung in the cauldron.

The priest did a spell. Da Yung’s mother begged the villagers to not burnt Da Yung. Chin Se gets married to the demon. Da Yung feels so hot and uses the dagger to open the cauldron. Chin Se asked to stop the sedan chair. She meets with Da Yung’s mother. Chin Se jumps in the well. Dao Sheng took Da Yung out of the mirror and said the time machine has its limi. Da Yung begs in front of the ancestor tablets to let him make use of the dagger. Dao Sheng went with Da Yung in the mirror.


Dao Sheng and Da Yung watches the boy kicking Da Yung in the hay. Dao Sheng puts Da Yung from the past in his bag and told Da Yung to stand in the hay. Da Yung told Chin Se he will defeat the demon. Chin Se is surprised Da Yung has become a real man. Da Yung told Chin Se and his mother he will defeat the demon. Da Yung told Chin Se’s father he will let him see Chin Se didn’t marry the wrong person. Da Yung told his friend to not bully him. Da Yung told the demon he will show his real face to the people. Da Yung used his skills to combine with the sword. The demon turned into his demon self. The demon blew fire on Da Yung. Dao Sheng pushed it back to the demon. Chin Se’s father came with the villagers and apologized to Da Yung. The demon came. Da Yung and Chin Se ran. Dao Sheng borrows a hair from Chin Se. Dao Sheng transforms into Chin Se. The demon attacked Dao Sheng. Dao Sheng teleported out. The demon kicked Da Yung . Da Yung fainted. The demon absorbed both Da Yung and Chin Se in the cauldron.


The demon told Da Yung if Chin Se marries him, he will release Da Yung. The demon absorbed Da Yung in the bottle of water. The demon told Chin Se to give her the pearl. The demon breathe on Chin Se. Dao Sheng fought with the demon. The cloudy sparrow appear and said the strongest person is the weakest one. The demon absorbed the pearl. Dao Sheng tried to free Chin Se. Da Yung takes his dagger. Da Yung punched the toad spirit and gecko spirit at their weakest point. Da Yung turned into the dragon sword and defeated the demon. Dao Sheng told Da Yung and Chin Se the pearl can help them reincarnate. Da Yung and Chin Se woke up from the tomb. Eight years later, Da Yung returned home from winning a war. Da Yung’s friend lost from gambling and wants to die. Da Yung told his friend to work hard. Da Yung’s son beat up a snake into a spell paper.



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