Smart Kid episode 21 recap

Dicky asked the monk which lady planted the tea flowers. The monk said the more secret he knows, the more he will be in danger. The monk told Dicky twenty years ago, he and the majesty’s eunuch hid from the rain in a house. The lady owner of the house loves planting flower teas. The majesty fell in love with tea flowers because of her. The Empress Dowager burnt the tea flower house killing more than two hundred villagers. The tea flower lady was a widow so the empress dowager didn’t let the majesty marry her. Dicky said just because of this small incident that caused many innocent death. The monk said the tea flower lady cherish the jade from the majesty, if the jade isn’t found then that means she is dead.

The sixth prince Ha Sang came to the school and told Dicky that it is up to him if he will die. The captain pointed a sword at Dicky. Ha Sang told Dicky and the scholars to stay still. The captain told the principal he wants to see Nie Yuan to lead him back to the majesty. The Ha Sang asked the principal about the book he published. The captain told the principal to finish his book or he’ll be beheaded. Dicky told Ha Sang he moved because he bet with the guards if he can jump higher than the mountain, then he can move. Ha Sang told Dicky to jump higher than the mountain or he’ll be beheaded. Dicky jumped. The captain ordered he guards to behead him. Dicky said he did jump and it was a riddle by the majesty. The captain told Dicky one day he’ll land in his hands. He Mei Tian and the music teacher and the scholars stack up the books. The principal gave Ha Sang the book Ha Sang told Dicky he has a feeling they will meet again and he needs to take care.


The principal told the scholars to leave the library by tonight since he made a mistake when he wrote the book. The principal told everyone to leave and let him take up the crime since. He has family here and can’t leave this town. The scholars looked around the classroom and don’t bear to leave. Dicky told the music teacher he can’t do anything unless there’s a miracle. The music teacher is wait for Dicky’s miracle. The music teacher is willing to stay in the library. The music teacher told Dicky he’s naive since he is young. He doesn’t wait till he’s old to be naive. Doesn’t matter if if he’s staying for the the library or He Mei Tian. The scholars left to their hometown. The teacher stays with the principal and said the library is his life. The scholars stay with the principal and said they are forever the students of this library. Dicky told the scholars they need to find a way to solve this problem. Dicky thought of a risky way to solve this problem or he’ll be beheaded. The scholars and the monk dressed up as the guards. The monk told the guards a story. The other two scholars told some stories and the guards laughed. Once of the scholars pretend to lose a gold and told the guard. The guard left to find the gold. The two scholars put some sleeping powders in the kitchen food.

The guards fainted from eating the food. Li Bing Bing and He Mei Tian cooked new dishes. Dicky and the scholars organized the books and placed the soldiers with Ha Sang. Ha Sang and the soldiers thought they’ve been played by ghost and left the town. The scholars cheer. The teacher is impressed at Dicky. Dicky teased the music teacher of rubbing his knee. He Mei Tian rubbed ointment on the music teacher and said Dicky and the scholars came to help him. The music teacher told He Mei Tian that love can’t be help. He owes her and don’t want her to sacrifice and just want her to be happy. He Mei Tian looked at the bowl of ten taels tha the music teacher collected. He Mei Tian put taels for the music teacher in the box. The music teacher tripped on He Mei Tian. He Mei Tian hugged the music teacher.



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