Smart Kid episode 22 recap

The scholar takes their final exam. They threw books at Li Bing Bing. Li Bing Bing chased them. The monk told Dicky he feels sad everytime the term ends because the students leave the library. The teacher looked at the exam scores. Li Bing Bing wrote the word exam on the tree and asked Dicky to guess. Dicky asked the scholars if they passed the exam. The scholars all said they passed the exam. The scholars threw Dicky and told Dicky only he cares for them. The scholars thanked the Dicky. Dicky told the scholars that from now on, they have to work hard for their future. The scholars threw the other teachers.

Dicky returned the silver to the monk. The monk said he has forgotten. Dicky told the monk to go to the doctor with him. Dicky dipped congee to the monk. The monk held the bowl afraid he will forgot he will go to the toilet. The monk told Dicky he has a son before he became a monk. His son admires him and promise to drink with him. He doesn’t know where his son is. After he returned from winning the war, his wife took his son away. The monk told Dicky to help him remember his son. The monk told Dicky sometimes he consider him as his son. Dicky told the monk sometimes he consider him as his father. Dicky told the monk to come with him to the palace to find his son.


The scholars left school to their hometown. The teacher told Dicky he doesn’t bear to leave him. Dicky told the teacher he also did a mistake to him. Dicky whispered to the teacher he gave him the nickname. The principal asked Dicky about he finds it fishy that he was introduced to this school. Dicky told the principal the first time he met him he found his weird that he could expand this library. The principal told Dicky to work hard. Every step is hard. Dicky looked at the desks in the classrooms and thought of the scholars. The scholars returned to their desks and want Dicky to teach them the last lesson before they moves on to real world. Dicky told the scholars he doesn’t bear to leave the library. They passed the exam but it doesn’t have anything to do with him; it’s based on their confidence. Dicky told the scholars that even if they are poor or rich, he hopes they will cherish this time they used to laugh and cry together. It will be alright without him or without them. The scholars told Dicky he will always be their teacher. They promised Dicky twenty years later they will drink with him.

Feng Jie gave a back of food for Dicky and asked him to look for news of Nie Yuan for her. Li Bing Bing told Dicky his bald head is hard in the eye, it’s better if he has hair. The scholars bids farewell to Dicky.He Mei Tian told the music teacher, nothing is as important as this thing. The music teacher held He Mei Tian’s hands.


Dicky and the monk greeted the majesty and apologized for not finding the flower teas. The majesty asked Dicky a favor to remind the royal prince for him. Dicky saw Nie Yuan greeting the majesty as the royal prince. Dicky told the monk that he told him that Nie Yuan isn’t a normal person.After Nie Yuan came in the library, the monk stopped has a headache. The majesty thanked Dicky for helping Nie Yuan having more confidence. Nie Yuan asked Dicky to help him with the schemes in the palace. Dicky walked away and told Nie Yuan to not forget about what he said about bringing Feng Jie in the palace.



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