When Choosing a college major…

Just a few tips I thought for people who are frustrated of what they should major in college.

1. First consider if you are introvert or extrovert. If you’re more of a person who enjoy public speaking or who prefers a more quiet environment. This is one of the important aspect. Sometimes when you’re an introvert and don’t enjoy jobs that requires many social interaction.

2. Volunteer in some of the career related major like in an office setting or in a company to see if you like it. Sometimes schoolwork is not what the real work is like.

3. Find out your passion of what you like to do.

4. Find your skillset of what you can do. Sometimes what you like is not what you can do. For example, you may like drawing for a hobby but you don’t think you can draw cartoon for a living.

5. If it will pays the bill. See if you make a living out of that.

Hope that is helpful. What other tips would you give for others who are undecided on what to major in?

❤ Jac!


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