Dark Tales 2 episode 31 recap

While the elder monk pray. A frog jumped in a monk’s shirt and distracted the monks. Sang Siao spoke up from the monk that this is the new era and the monk shouldn’t be punished for the past ear. The elder monk saw some light. Sang Siao knocked on the elder monk and wished the elder monk death. Sang Siao had a dream of seeing a lotus flower. Sang Siao sneaked in the temple during the night and saw the lotus flower. The monk couldn’t see it. Sang Siao doubted he could see it because he has the power from the previous era. Sang Siao picked up the lotus flower on the pond while the monks are prayer. The light shone and dragged Sang Siao in the cave. The eldest monk picked up the flower and shone the light toward Sang Siao. Two ape demons climbed on the trees. The eldest monk told the elder monk he has transferred his martial arts to Sang Siao. The eldest monk told the elder monk that Sang Siao has to go to some temple to find a god to give him his full energy. The eldest monk passed away.


Sang Siao wakes up. The elder monk told Sang Siao he’s kicking him out of the temple. The elder monk told Sang Siao there will be demons invading the temple tomorrow. The future depends on Sang Siao. Sang Siao needs to come to the temple to find the god to prevent destruction.of the world. While taking a bath, Sang Siao asked the monk if he sees any word on his back. The demons fought with the monks. Lian Siang played the flute causing dizziness for the dmeons. Lian Sang fought with the dmeons. Lian Sang’s brother tries to enter the temple but got pushed out by the spell. Lian Sang used her power on the monk breaking the spell. Sang Siao opened the door temple and saw Lian Siang. Lian Sang and her brother disguised into a grandpa entered the temple.


The elder monk told Sang Siao to not open the door even if he knocked. The elder monk told the other monk he lets the demon stay because he doen’t want them to go out and cause trouble. Sang Siao searched for the light. Lian Sang breathe through the window and left with her brother searching for the manuel. Lian Sang bumped into Sang Siao. Sang Siao thought she came to watch the moon. Sang Siao told Lian Sang that there will be demons tonight and she should just stay in her room. Lian Sang watches the monk performing the spell. Sang Siao knocked on her shoulder and told her to go to her room. Lian Sang’s brother told Lian Sang that the manuel is in the room. Lian Sang has a strange feeling that there’s no monk. Lian Sang got trapped. The monk did a speall. Lian Sang’s brother fought with the monks. Sang Siao looked at the monk and thought it was a demon in disguise. Sang Siao took Lian Sang out. Sang Siao locked the door. Sang Siao showed the bottle of ashes to Sang Lian. Sang Lian ran. Sang Siao told Lian Sanghe will open the door for her.



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