Rural Hero episode 13 recap

Jessica’s father yelled at Jackie for ruining the immigrant’s home. The servant ignored Jackie when he asked for some sandwiches and eggs at the restaurant. A customer made fun of Jackie as Bao Zheng. Jessica told Jackie that the immigrants are pitiful. Jackie gave Jessica then thousand dollars to give to them. Poon told Jackie that one day they will understand. Jessica asked Jackie if he has a chance to be back with Poon. Jackie told Jessica that Poon and him doesn’t match. Jackie told Jessica not to bug in his business.

Fiona yelled at Roger’s brother that he will have karma for playing the girls. Jackie’s colleague teaches Jessica’s mother a kungfu to lessen her backache. Jessica’s father looked at them and got jealous. Roger told Jessica’s father he has to trust his wife. Roger reminded Jessica’s father she must be careful when talking to Jackie’s colleague. Jessica’s mother ran away from Jackie’s colleague and she tripped.Jackie’s colleague gave Jessica’s mother a medicine. Jackie’s colleague grabbed Jessica’s mother. Jessica’s father saw them and hit Jackie’s colleague with a broom and Jessica’s mother got hit. Jessica’s father accused Jackie’s colleague of having an affair with Jessica’s mother. Jessica’s mother left and cried. Jessica’s mother jumped in the sea. Roger jumped down and picked up Jessica’s mother. Jessica’s mother said she should have died twenty years ago. Jessica’s father raped Jessica’s mother and married her. Jessica’s mother cried and said she has the title of being a slut and never was happy. Roger came home and told Jessica’s father that Jessica’s mother asked Jackie’s colleague for some medicine for him. Roger told Jessica’s father that he’s the jerk one.


Roger punched the punching back and blamed himself for wronged Jessica’s mother. Jessica told her stepmother to leave so her father can think about his mistake. Jackie’s colleagues sat from another table from Jackie and ordered food at the restaurant. Jackie’s other colleagues teased Jackie’s colleague if he came here to eat or to wait for Jessica’s mother. Jackie told his colleague that his colleagues were just joking. Jackie told his colleague that he knows if he is innocent. Jessica told Poon she will work hard so her father won’t criticize her.

Jessica asked a teacher for an interview but he left. Jessica told the taxi driver to follow the teacher. Jackie saw Jessica arguing with the teacher. The teacher showed Jessica he can’t accept interview about inappropriate gossips. The teacher showed Jessica about a news about victim in the hospital. Jessica got pissed she stayed up two nights reading the case. Jackie told Jessica that her journalist firm offended many people. Jackie told Jessica he feels she needs to use her rules to not hurt anyone. Jessica told Jackie that his father work abroad and she thought he would be open minded but he turns out like him.

Some triad came in the firm and chopped a journalist’s left arm. Jessica couldn’t remember the triad’s face. Jackie took Jessica to eat. Jessica said she saw the journalist getting his arm chopped. Jackie told Jessica her firm offended many people. Jessica said they don’t need to chop his arm. They can just sue them if they don’t like it. Jessica has confident she can recognize the triad.


Jessica’s father yelled at Jessica for being a journalist. Jessica’s mother called Jessica if she’s fine. Roger’s brother picked up the bag of food for his mother and told him to go home. Jessica’s other told Roger’s brother to take care of himself. Roger sat on the beach and thought of his mother teach him playing the harmonica. Roger’s mother asked Roger to play the harmonica one more time. Roger’s mother passed away. Roger played the harmonica on the beach. Poon puts her sister on the beach. Poon’s sister heard Roger plays the song and walked toward Roger. Poon’s sister mumbles the melody. Roger plays the song. Roger told Poon’s sister that he was miserable after his father left him, at least she has a sister who takes care of her. Poon’s sister looked at the box of star and cried that she couldn’t believe her sister feels better after hearing Roger’s song. A triad threw red paint on Jessica. Jessica’s father yelled at Jessica for pointing out the triad to the cops. Roger puts on music for Poon’s sister. Jackie asked Roger about his family.

Someone burnt the restaurant. Jackie piggyback the ladyboss out of the restaurant. Roger looked at Jackie in the eye and recognize him as the cop who killed his buddy.



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