Dark Tales 2 episode 32 recap

Sang Siao takes Lian Siang out of the house. The monks told Sang Siao that Lian Siang is a demon. Sang Siao held the box of light warned the monks to not harm anyone. Sang Siao and Lian Siang ran to the woods. Lian Siang told Sang Siao to leave. Sang Siao took Lian Siang to the house and left. The monk fought wit hLian Siang. The monk was about to kill Lian Siang. Lian Siang brother barged in and fought with the monk. Lian Siang and her brother fought with the monk. The monk left. The monk injured and called Sang Siao. The monk used his power to create some rocks and the rocks burst out light pushing out Sang Siao and her brother. The monks generate energy in the rock. The monk told Sang Siao that the demon wants to steal the manuel. Sang Siao asked the monk where’s the manuel. The monk told Sang Siao to close his eyes. The monk told Sang Siao in his mind where’s the manuel is and he told him to tell the god about it. The monk told Sang Siao his last line that the goddess l will help him. The monk passed away. Chiu Rong killed two demons.


Lian Siang ran and pretended to cry. Lian Sang told Sang Siao she saw the monks got killed by the demon. Sang Siao told Lian Sang that the demons came to fight for the manuel. The monk didn’t tell him where the manuel is. Lian Sang’s brother plans to kill Sang Siao after he possess the manuel. Lian Sang pretend to feel weak and asked Sang Siao to help her up. She seduced him by looking in his eyes. Sang Siao gave Lian Sang a cup of tea. Lian Siang told Sang Siao to blow up some sand in her eyes. Sang Siao closed his eyes and blow. Lian Siang hypnotized Sang Siao. Lian Siang asked Sang Siao where’s the manuel. Lian Siang doubted the monk is tricking them. Lian Siang’s brother told Lian Siang to pretends to marry Sang Siao while he comes to the temple. Sang Siao wakes up and read a letter from Lian Siang. Lian Siang wants to suicide down the hill and told Sang Siao she has a dream of being swallowed by the demon. Lian Siang tripped down the hill down the stream. Sang Siao tried to pull her up with a belt and he fell down along with her. Sang Siao tripped and kissed Lian Siang. Lian Siang told Sang Siao she’s afraid if she went back to her hometown, she already got eaten by the demons. Lian Siang blurted out her name and said her fate is miserable. Sang Siao happily knowing her name and realizes the monk told him she will help him. Sang Siao told Lian Siang to go with her to the mountain. Sang Siao screamed seeing a snake. Lian Siang freaked out. Lian Siang’s brother told Lian Siang to work hard seducing Sang Siao.


Lian Siang’s brother used his power and pushed Sang Siao and Lian Siang down the hill. Sang Siao kissed Lian Siang. Sang Siao gave Lian Siang her clothes. Sang Siao piggyback Lian Siang. Lian Siang’s brother disguised into an elder man invited San Siao to the deserted house. Lian Siang’s brother warned Lian Siang to finish her task tonight. Sian Siao was about to made out with Lian Siang but opened his eyes and left the room. Sang Siao looked at his handkerchief and remembered his mother told him to marry his fiance after he finishes the scholar exam. Chiu Rong told Sian Sao she needs to take him away since there are demons. Chiu Rong fights with Lian Siang’s brother. Chiu Rong disguised into Siang Siao. Lian Siang’s brothre followed Chiu Rong. Chiu Rong told Sian Siao that the monks told her he’s gone so she followed him here. Sang Siao returns to the house to find Lian Sang. Sang Siao and Chiu Rong got caught by the net. Lian Sang’s brother fought with Chiu Rong and left. Chiu Rong puts on wet papers on Siang Siao. Chiu Rong breathe out the poison out of Siang Siao’s mouth.




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