Smart Kid episode 23 recap

Li Bing Bing dreamed of Nie Yuan giving her jewelries as the majesty. The monk search for his wife and his son. Some soldiers ran to the palaece. Li Bing Bing heard rumors about fighting for the thrones. The emperor is ill and almost passed away. Shen Xiao Hai plans to help Nie Yuan to be the emperor then overthrow him. At the court, the majesty gave Shen Xiao Hai a sword and asked him to kill himself. The majesty said Shen Xiao Hai plans to gather troop and rebel. The official speaks up for Shen Xiao Hai. The majesty ordered Shen Xiao Hai for execution and his family being banished. The four princes and Nie Yuan speaks up for Shen Xiao Hai. The majesty told Nie Yuan if something happens to him in the future, he must take care.

Shen Xiao is impressed of the majesty protecting Nie Yuan by sacrificing his name. The majesty wants the people to owe Nie Yuan a favor and if he rebels, then Nie Yuan can punish him. Shen Xiao Hai has confidence he will win.


Dicky hugged his mother. Li Bing Bing yelled at Dicky’s mother for touching Dicky. Dicky told Li Bing Bing this is his mother. The monk stared at Dicky’s mother and found him familiar. Dicky’s mother recited a poem. Dicky told his mother it seems the majesty wants him his lover who was dead. The majesty is good to him and he feels sorry seeing him being ill. Dicky’s mother told Dicky that working in the palace is dangerous. He doesn’t have to be a monk anymore.

The eunuch told Dicky to come in the palace under the majesty’s request. Dicky told the majesty some riddles. The majesty told Dicky he doesn’t have much time. The majesty promotes Dicky as the first ranked offiicial. The majesty bled his nose. The majesty is ill and almost passed away. Ha Sang thrilled brought the troops. Nie Yuan greeted the majesty. The majesty told Nie Yuan he has to take suceed him after he dies. He knows he his kind but sometimes being kind is also a flaw to the people. For the good of the people, he has to sacrifice something. It is also a way to conqure the world. Ha Sang ordered Dicky for execution. Dicky asked Ha Sang if he wants to rebel. The majesty summit Dicky. The majesty told Dicky everyone has their age limit to die so don’t grieve too much. He has a few wishes he wants Dicky to fulfil. The majesty told Dicky he can’t figure out what 13579 is. Dicky apologized he was just joking. Dicky said he just remember that it means he is a good majesty since it is all made of odd numbers. The majesty said he may be a good emperor but he is not a good father. Dicky apologized to the majesty he hasn’t accomplished his mission. The majesty said he vowed after he knows the answer, he will see his son. The majesty requested Dicky to help Nie Yuan to be the majesty. He has a good feeling Dicky can manage Nie Yuan. The majesty read the poem on Dicky’s handkerchief and told him he has to leave to a faraway place. The majesty apologized to Dicky and called him his filial son. The majesty passed way. The official read the edict that he’s giving the troops for Dicky to handle.


Shen Xiao Hai said though Nie Yuan is very smart but he can’t do anything in three months. But we don’t know what motive Dicky has. Dicky can help Nie Yuan to be the majesty. Shen Xiao Hai ordered the two assassins to investigate Dicky’s background.

Dicky wondered if the majesty is dead. Though he only met him a few times, but their feelings are mutual. Li Bing Bing soaked in the rain with Dicky.


Nie Yuan becomes the majesty. Dicky checks up his land and court and gets ready to be the official.



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