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K9 Cop episode 19 recap

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Bosco asked a gangster if he knows Kayi’s friend or he’ll tell his big brother he stole his car to impress his girlfriend. Bosco grabbed a gangster and asked him out his machine. The gangster said his brother wants him to throw this meat machine but he only wants to take the watch. Bosco’s colleague told Bosco that the meat belonged to the same DNA as Kayi’s friend. At the police station, Kayi slapped Kayi’s friend’s brother. Kayi’s friend’s brother lawyer said he can sue for her slapping Kayi’s brother’s friend. Kayi’s friend’s brother let go and said she only cares for his brother. Kayi cried and told Bosco after her friend went in his brother’s car, he went missing. Kayi asked Bosco why didn’t he think how cruel Kayi’s friend brother could be.

Bosco’s boss visited the dog. Kayi’s friend’s brother knocked down Bosco’s boss in the restroom. Kayi’s friend’s brother told Raymond either he pretends not to know anything or he will never see Tracy again. Bosco’s boss’s dog barked. Bosco saw his boss. Raymond told his boss he used to be bitten by a dog so he’s scared of dogs. Raymond and Bosco takes up call. Bosco took Bahda to find Tracy. Bosco said nothing can happen to Tracy. She promised to take care of their sisters for him. Bosco watched Raymond encourage Bahda to walk down the stair. Bosco asked Raymond if he’s afraid of dogs and why did he pretend to be scare of dogs in front of his boss. Raymond told Bosco he doesn’t know what he’s doing. There are many times Tracy left him because of him being a cop. This time he can’t just not worry about Tracy for his boss. Raymond told Bosco that Kayi’s friend’s brother hit his boss and threatened him using Tracy. The weird thing is he knows that Tracy didn’t create the drugs. Raymond wonder why Kayi’s friend’s brother kidnapped Tracy. Raymond wonder if Kayi’s brother’s friend wants to kill Tracy instead of just taking the drugs. Raymond and Bosco puts Bahda in the box and carried it and dropped it.


Bosco and Raymond went into the flat that Bahda barked. They searched the house. Bosco saw the meat machine. Someone called Raymond and said they saw Tracy by the train station. He called him again and said he saw Tracy by the pizza station. Raymond and Bosco caught some people fighting over drugs. They showed them the drug formula on their phone. Tracy ran and hugged Raymond nad said the kidnappers put her in the boat station and released her and told her to meet him here. Raymond took Tracy home. Tracy told Raymond that the kidnappers wore masks. Tracy told Raymond that the kidnappers asked her if the food she ate was good. Raymond wonders if the kidnappers greed his mother five millions cheque. Raymond told Tracy to tell her how she feels. Tracy told Raymond that she didn’t dream about he father because she dream of him every night.


Raymond wondered who posted the drug formulas on phone so the kidnappers would release Tracy. Raymond and Bosco saw Kayi’s friend’s twin brother. Bosco told Kayi’s friend’s twin brother he suspects him of kidnapping Tracy. Someone threw a red bag on Bosco. A lady went out of the taxi and picked up her phone. Kayi’s friend’s twin brother went in the taxi and closed the door and torn the lady’s dress. Kayi’s friend twin brother apologized to the lady and gave back her dress.

Bosco yelled at Bahda for not going up the stairs with him.Linda yelled at Bosco for yelling at Bahda. Linda told Bosco to not put blame on Bahda for not catching Kayi’s friend’s brother. Linda told Bosco he may transfer Bahda to other place. Angel gave the documents to Linda to give to Oscar to ask the twelve years old girls about love. Oscar got punched by the people. Oscar told Linda that Angel is watching her. He used to play Angel now she is playing him back. Linda told Oscar that Angel was wrong and she has to talk to her. Oscar told Linda that if she likes someone and did something wrong, she also has to accept him. Even if he tells her to do something disgusting, she still has to do it. Linda grabbed a candidate’s microphone and praised Bosco of raising his siblings and helping Bahda. Bosco saw the members grabbing Linda and he went down. Linda told Bosco she wants to tell him he is a good guy and wants to be his girlfriend. Bosco told Linda if he has some news he will report to her. The supporters cheer for Bosco to kiss Linda. The lady told the members to keep supporting her. Bosco came back and kissed Linda. Bosco told Linda to jump and kiss her. Linda jumped and kissed Bosco.


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