Dark Tales 2 episode 36 recap

The story starts with Chun Yang practicing martial arts. Chun Yang’s master told him that only he can use this sword. He must beware of demons. He must only trust this sword. Chun Yang is passing away and gives this responsibilities of fighting demons to him.

Chi Liang saw a demon sucking a female’s body. Chi Liang fought with the demon. Chi Liang surrounded teh demons with the fire. The demon walked out the fire. Chi Lian threw the bomb and the demons exaped The villagers came and thanked chi Laing. Chi Liang followed Chun Yang. Chun Yang showed his sword beep when he’s near demons. Ching Ching transferred energy to the demon. Chun Yang destroys the demons. Chi Liang fought with the snake demons. Chi Liang was about to pushed his sword toward Ching Ching who disguised as himself. Chun Yang alerted Chi Liang and fought with Ching Ching. Ching Ching left. Chi Liang burnt the snake cave. Ching Ching vowed to revenge.



Chun Yang watches Lady Hua picking up a rabbit in the woods. Lady Hua asked Chun Yang asked Lady Hua if he can cover the forest so the birds can fly away. Chun Yang caught the rabbit for Lady Hua. Lady Hua took the rabbit to the five grandpas to heal. The five grandpas gave her a bell as a gift. Lady Hua gave the five grandpas each such. Chun Yang showed the grandpas his sword of demons. The grandpas feels anxious. Lady Hua and her mother and the grandpas discuss about dealing with the demons. Lady Hua bids farewell to Chun Yang and asked him if they will see each other again. Chun Yang told Lady Hua she is kind and he will remember her.


The villagers thanked Chi Liang for saving them. The villagers engaged his daughter to Chi Liang. Chi Liang told the villagers he has to ask Chun Yang for permission. Chun Yang told Chun Yang to decide for himself. The villager’s daughter laughed. Ching Ching transformed back to herself. Ching Ching fought with Lady Hua. Ching Ching deals with Lady Hua to lure Chun Yang to fight with the demon. Lady Hua cried to the five grandpas that they want to sacrifice themselves for her. The demon arrived and want Lady Hua to marry him. The five grandpas fought with the demon. Lady Hua told the demon she won’t marry him. Chun Yang fought with the demon.



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