Rural Hero episode 14 recap

At the police station, Jessica doubted the intruders burnt the restaurant to prevent her witnessing them for throwing attacking her journalist firm. Jessica refused to quit her job since she doesn’t want to be a coward. Jessica’s father forbids Jessica to be a journalist. Roger told his friend that Jackie is the cop who shot his member. Jackie persists in arresting the those gang who burnt the restaurant. The medical store owner followed Jessica. Jessica sprayed on him. The store owner returned the medical bag to her. Jackie gave Jessica a duck key chain as a gift. Jessica gave Jackie a toy soldier. The ladyboss plans to close the restaurant. Jessica plans to witness against the gangster. A gangster grabbed Jessica. Jackie saw Jessica’s duck chain on the floor. The gangster threatened Jessica to change the statement at the court or he’ll scratch her face. Jackie fought and grabbed the gangster. Jackie doubted someone else has burned the restaurant. Jackie ate diner with Roger’s family. Roger’s father didn’t let Roger’s stepbrother to eat diner with them since he ran away. Roger stepbrother took some dish in the refrigerator and ate.


Roger’s stepbrother managed the store. Roger’s friend told Roger’s stepbrother to hang out wit his friends and he’ll take care of the store. Roger’s stepbrother stole some money. Poon helped her sister holding the chopsticks and picking up food. Poon’s sister pushed the dishes. Roger’s stepbrother cooked dessert for his parents. The garbage basket got burnt. Fiona’s sister searched in her drawers. Fiona’s mother found some scent. Fiona’s mother stopped the fire and dragged Fiona’s sister out. Fiona’s sister told her mother she got a trauma of being picked on by Roger’s stepbrother and her friends. She feels great burning papers on the fire controlling the fire. Fiona’s sister got pissed that the fire at the restaurant and garbage basket got removed. Jackie investigate the fire incident. Jackie rode a bike chasing Roger’s stepbrother on the rollerskate. Jackie fell down on Jessica. Jackie twisted his leg. Jessica helped Jackie wallk. Roger’s father hit Roger’s stepbrother for drinking drugs. Roger’s friend drink drugs. Roger searched his friend’s body. Roger’s stepbrother told his mother that when she dies, she still has some people doing a funeral for her. His father always pick on him.


Roger’s stepbrother’s friends picked on Fiona’s sister. Poon saw Fiona’s sister set the fire. Fiona’s sister freaked out and ran. Fiona’s sister punched Roger’s stepbrother’s girlfriend and pour a bottle of water on her. The villager grabbed Fiona’s sister. Jackie and Fiona’s father arrived. The villager told Fiona’s sister if she burnt the house, she will go to jail. Fiona’s sister sat the on ceiling. Fiona’s mtoher cried to Jackie that Fiona’s sister will go to jail for burning. Fiona’s sister said those people called her dumb. Jackie said he will ask the judge to lighten the sentence. Poon’s sister said they will take her to the hospital for the lunatics. Poon’s sister is about to jump down the building.



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