Dark Tales 2 episode 37 recap

Chun Yang fought with the demon. The demon told Lady Hua he will return to marry her. Chun Yang got hit by a thunder and fainted. Chi Liang came and mourn about Chun Yang’s death. Lady Hua transferred energy for Chun Yang. Chi Liang brought some medicine. Lady Hua told Chi Liang to guard the house outside. Chi Liang eavesdrop on Lady Hua. Chi Liang told Lady Hua he knows that Chun Yang has just recovered. Lady Hua prevented Chi Liang come in checking up on Chun Yang. Chi Liang hopes that Lady Hua really meant to cure Chun Yang. Lady Hua asked Chi Liang about his close relationship with Chun Yang. Chi Liang told Lady Hua that Chun Yang’s sword is powerful and he is a demon hunter. He remembers when he was fifteen years old, Chun Yang went with his master to destroy fox demons. His parents got killed by the fox demons. Luckily Chun Yang saved him from those fox demons. He then vowed whoever harmed Chun Yang, he will destroy him. Lady Hua said she owed Chu Yang a favor so she will also help him. Chi Liang remembered when that thunder struck, Chun Yang saved her. Lady Hua cried and said Chun Yang rescued her and got struck by the thunder. Lady Hua said she admired Chun Yang. Chi Liang doubt if Lady Hua is innocent since the sword didn’t alert him and he wonders if there’s a good demon.


Chun Yang had a nightmare of the demon killing his parents. Chun Yang wakes up. Chun Yang asked Lady Hua about her grandpas. Lady Hua said her grandpas got killed by the demons. Chun Yang told Lady Hua that his master ave him the sword when he passed away. Chi Liang picked up flowers. Chun Yang wonders why did the demons goes against normal people like Lady Hua’s grandpas. Chun Yang assumes that the fox she has saved must have alerted the demons. Chi Liang asked Chun Yang if he isn’t afraid that Lady Hua will attract more demons. Chun Yang asked if Lady Hua is a demon, why didn’t his sword beep. Chi Liang said if Lady Hua is a demon then she is a good demon. Chun Yang said he fought with many demons and there’s no good demons. All demons must be destroyed. Lady Hua brought medicine for Chun Yang. Chi Liang told Lady Hua she will be alright due to her kind heart.


Ching Ching teased the demon for not being able to defeat with Chun Yang. Ching Ching asked the demon why is he frustrated about Lady Hua. She came her to console him. Ching Ching slept with the demon. Ching Ching asked the demon if he knows why Chun Yang risked his life to save Lady Hua. They have fallen for each other. Ching Ching told the demon they will search for Lady Hua and Chun Yang and kill them.


Chi Liang asked Chun Yang what does he thinks of Lady Hua. Chi Liang told Chun Yang if Lady Hua isn’t his lover, he would have taken her. Chun Yang said Lady Hua is a good lady but he is focusing on fighting with demons. Lady Hua gave Chun Yang a clothe she sewed for him. Lady Hua gave Chi Liang a sachet she sewed for her. Chun Yang told Lady Hua he likes the fried meals that his mother made. Chi Liang told Lady Hua that ever since she came here, Chun Yang seems happier. He envies Chun Yang of finding a good woman. Lady Hua told Chi Liang that he is a good person and he will meet a good lady.

Lady Hua heard some wolves growling. She went out and saw her grandpa. Lady Hua’s grandpa suggests Lady Hua to leave since Chun Yang will eventually discover her identity. She already lost energy. Chi Liang saw Chun Yang coming and he yelled and said he will help him catch demons. While Chun Yang fight with Lady Hua’s grandpa, Chi Liang pretends to trip in the vines. Lady Hua’s grandpa escaped. Chun Yang doubts that the demon came to the village to find Lady Hua. Chi Liang told Chun Yang to forget it since the demon left. Lady Hua thanked Chi Liang for helping her. Chi Liang said he overheard the conversation between her and her grandpa that they are fox spirit. Lady Hua told Chi Liang that she refused to marry the demon. It was lucky that Chun Yang used his sword on the demon so her grandpa was alive. Chi Liang told Lady Hua that Chun Yang doesn’t believe in good demons. Demons and Humans don’t stand together. Lady Hua said she’s planning to leave Chun Yang when Chun Yang gets well.

Lady Hua told Chun Yang that she plans to leave since she doesn’t want the demon to bother him and he has to focus on fighting demons. Lady Hua and Chun Yang bids farewell to each other.



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