Dark Tales 2 episode 38 recap

Lady Hua told Chi Liang he needs to take care of Chun Yang. Chi Liang told Lady Hua that Chun Yang doesn’t have the gut to tell her to stay. It would have been better if she was a human. Lady Hua thanked Chi Liang. Lady Hua said Chun Yang is the first person she loves but also the first person she’s been hurt by. Lady Hua gave Chun Yang some rice she made. Lady Hua told Chun Yang though she’s gone she will always remember him and Chi Liang. Chi Lainag asked Chun Yang if heroes can’t fall in love. Chi Liang told CHun Yang that Lady Hua lied about having a relative in her hometown she he wouldn’t worry about her. Chun Yang arrived and told Lady Hua to not leave him and let him take care ofher. Lady Hua’s grandpa told Lady Hua that Ching Ching and the demon know where she is. Chun Yang fought with Lady Hua’s grandpa. Chun Yang told Lady Hua she is naive, those demons disguised into her grandpas. Chun Yang puts Lady Hua in the circle of fire for her safety and fought with the demon.


Chun Yang fought with the demon. Chi Liang ran. The demon threw fire and Lady Hua ran out from the fire. The earth shakes. Lady Hua tripped. Chun Yang grabbed her and they both fell down the ground. Ching Ching laughed thinking Chun Yang is dead. Chun Yang and Lady Hua went into a cave. There’s no water or meat. Lady Hua told Chun Yang when he held her hands as they fell, she wished he could hold her hands forever. This is their peaceful time. Life is so frustrating. Right now, she only has him on her mind. She denied his love earlier to make it easier for him. Chun Yang told Lady Hua he also love her and want to take care ofher but his life is a wanderer. Lady Hua asked Chun Yang why do they have to wait till last minute to show their reveal their true feelings. Chun Yang told Lady Hua he is also an orphan. He told Lady Hua he eavesdropped on the two demons transferring energy at the restaurant. The two demons killed his parents. Chun Yang’s master fought with the two demons. Chun Yang vowed to kill the demons to revenge for his parents. Lady Hua told Chun Yang that there are good and bad demons. They don’t have much days to live so it doesn’t matter if they can defeat those demons.



Lady Hua’s mother and grandpa grieved about Lady Hua. Lady Hua’s grandpa said at least Lady Hua passed away next to Chun Yang. Lady Hua walked in the cave and won’t transfer energy or Chun Yang will know she is a fox spirit. Lady Hua is willing to die with Chun Yang in the cave. Lady Hua and Chun Yang tried to endure in the cave. Chun Yang searched for an exit. Lady wondered how a spider can come in. Lady Hua breaks the wall of rock and found some water. Lady Hua is willing to submit her life to Chun Yang. Chun Yang hugged Lady Hua and promised he will take care of her. Chun Yang told Lady Hua after he gets out of this cave, he will continue killing demons. Lady Hua showed Chun Yang the way out. Chun Yang got out of the cave and killed her grandpa and mother. Chun Yang told Lady Hua that they are demons in disguise. Chun Yang fought with the two grandpas. Lady Hua interfere and got punched by the grandpa and tripped down the hill. Lady Hua cried. Chun Yang told Lady Hua that those demons were sly. Lady Hua told Chun Yang whatever happens she only thinks for him. Lady Hua cried that she doesn’t bear to kill Chun Yang.




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