Dark Tales 2 episode 39 recap

Lady Hua cried that she can’t be with Chun Yang. Lady Hua touched the jade and said Chun Yang will think of her seeing this jade. The grandpas vowed to kill Chun Yang. Lady Hua begged them not to kill Chun Yang. Lady Hua used her sword and about to kill herself. Lady Hua vowed not to see Chun Yang again. Chi Liang searchd for Lady Hua and found the jade. Ching Ching eavesdrop on Chun Yang on the top of the to of the roof. Chun Yang fought with Ching Ching. Lady Hua requested the demon to forgive Chun Yang and she’ll marry him. Ching Ching transformed back to herself. Ching Ching plans to disguise into Lady Hua to get near Chun Yang.

Ching Ching disguised into Lady Hua and pretends to be chased by the guards. Chun Yang saved her. Ching Ching leaned on Chun Yang and said the demon wants to take her. Chun Yang told Chi Liang he plans to marry Lady Hua. Chi Liang asked Lady Hua how did she got caught by the demons. Lady Hua told Chi Liang there are good and bad demons. Chi Liang told Ching Ching to not tell Chun Yang she is a fox spirit since Chun Yang hates them. Ching Ching picked up the sachet and asked Chi Liang who gave him this sachet. He said she did. Chi Liang bought gifts for Chun Yang. Lady Hua’s servant saw Ching Ching with Chi Liang. Lady Hua wants to tell Chun Yang. Lady Hua’s grandpa forbid Lady Hua to see Chun Yang. Lady Hua pushed the fifth grandpa and left.



Chun Yang and Ching Ching gets married. Chi Liang drinks with Chun Yang and Ching Ching. Lady Hua fought with the five grandpas. The grandpa tied up Lady Hua with his tail. Lady Hua rather die. Lady Hua wants to sacrifice herself to save Chun Yang. The grandpas let Lady Hua leave. Chi Liang drinks alone. Ching Ching told Chun Yang to take away his sword since it is an omen in their marriage. Ching Ching blew on the wine. Chun Yang and Ching Ching drink. Ching Ching pretends to faint. Chun Yang faints. Ching Ching laughed. Lady Hua fought with Ching Ching. The sword beeped. Lady Hua’s tail shows up. Chun Yang wakes up and wants to kill her. Chi Liang grabbed Chun Yang and told him to relax during his wedding day while he chases her. Ching Ching cried and leaned on Chun Yang and said she got scared seeing a fox spirit. Lady Hua injured ran. Chi Liang helped Lady Hua. Lady Hua told Chi Liang that the other her is Ching Ching. Chi Liang suggests Lady Hua to disguise as Ching Ching. Chun Yang showed Ching Ching his demon sword. Ching Ching told the demon that it’s hard for her to defeat Chun Yang with the sword. She needs to find the secret of the sword. Chi Liang took Chun Yang to the bathroom to expose Ching Ching while she was taking a bath.



Lady Hua cried that Chun Yang doesn’t believe her. Ching Ching told Lady Hua that Chun Yang only believes her. Ching Ching wants to kill Chun Yang. Ching Ching told Lady Hua that if she goes closer to Chun Yang she will end up dying. Lady Hua rather die than having her hurting him. Ching Ching told Lady Hua they are sisters but must be enemies because of a guy. Lady Hua told Ching Ching that since they don’t follow the same path, they won’t go together. Ching Ching told Lady Hua that Chun Yang has finished practicing his swordfight. She is coming back to serve him. Chi Liang told Lady Hua that Ching Ching is very sly. Chi Liang got an idea and told Ching Ching that Chun Yang will visit the snowy mountain. Chun Yang watches the snowy mountain and told Ching Ching that he watches the snowy mountain because he vowed to kill the demons. Chi Liang pretends to fall down the hill and call down for demons. Chun Yang helped Chi Liang up. Ching Ching fought with Lady Hua in the snowy cave. Lady Hua told Ching Ching she rather let Chun Yang thinks she die from the demon. Ching Ching told Lady Hua that Chun Yang will search for her. Lady Hua told Ching Ching that when Chun Yang comes, she already saw her dead. Ching ching asked Lady Hua if she isn’t afraid Chun Yang will kill her too. Lady Hua said dying in the sword of Chun Yang is the greatest thing. Chi Liang told Chun Yang he heard Lady Hua screams. Ching Ching and Lady Hua fought with each other. Chun Yang and Chi Liang came. Ching Ching stopped. Lady Hua was about to kill Ching Ching Ching. Chun Yang was about to kill Lady Hua. Chi Liang told Chun Yang to look after Ching Ching. Lady Hua left. Chun Yang took care of Ching Ching. Chi Liang told Chun Yang that the Lady Hua he’s with is Ching Ching and he has injured Lady Hua. Ching Ching wakes up.



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